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One of the greatest things about going on holiday is that the world at home sort of stands still. Nothing really happens whilst you're away with yourself and your thoughts, paddling in the sea. It's almost as if those at home froze into statues awaiting your return - extras in that great production called 'your' life?
Unfortunately we all know that this is not true, so we cast a sideways glance at the newsagents stand - and to our dismay discover that all of the international press finds its way to the news stand on the day it is printed, just as it does at home!
The problem with this is that on holiday we have too much free time on our hands so we read the newspaper that we bought, just to check the football results or the horoscope, from cover to cover - then berate the wife with the problems of the world all day long.
Better to leave the reading glasses at home?
Unless you've come armed with a phrase book in one hand and one of the daily Spanish papers in the other - in which case full respect to you!
Allegedly, if you're allergic to teachers, or find classrooms claustrophobic - this is the best way to learn Spanish apart from pillow talk, of course.

Ibiza Sun newspaper - Weelky newspaper that is free and distrubted around the Island. Comes every Wednesday.
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Ibiza Now - Local news magazine which comes out monthly.

Diaro De Ibiza - Spanish local newspaper
:website -

Ultima Hora - Another local spanish newspaper that comes out daily
: http://www.ultimahora.es/ibiza/

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Health Spa's, often referred to as 'Wellness Centres', are booming in popularity as people become more aware of the needs of their body and soul, and the pleasure to be derived from pampering and empowering themselves through their use.
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For those of you who like delayed trains, cramped tube trains and traffic jams - Ibiza doesn't have them (though the hippy market in Es Canar can get a tad busy) - here's how to get around when you are here.

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  The Mediterranean is renowned for its good, fresh food. Here you have everything from traditional Ibicencan, Spanish, Thai, Italian, French, West Indian, Curries, Chinese - if you can eat you can find anything you want really....  
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  Luxury Villas on this island have grown and grown there are never ending places choose from around the island..   For all your catering needs, private parties, weddings, special events. Find a catering company to provide for you.   Rent and hire anything and everything for your holidays or long term stay.  
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  If you would like to have a wedding ceremony (blessing) on Ibiza with the English speaking church you will need to contact them direct giving yourself/them plenty of advance notice. To have the marriage blessing in a church here you must give at least six months notice.   Ibiza is synonymous with alternative culture given its beautiful countryside, inspiring views and sunny climate so we've included some local artists, poets etc.. dip your bread in as someone once said...   If you fancy go-karting, windsurfing maybe a trip with the kids to a waterpark. We've got bunjee rockets, sailing schools, watersports, golf, gyms, horse riding, tennis etc etc.  
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  It's not all about the clubs, there are the fiestas which seem to happen every other day, the markets etc. Also included is a little potted history, maps, tourist offices, tips, churches etcNewsletter  




Accommodation is a nightmare in the summer, but we've got hotel & hostel numbers, and a growing villa, hotel & rental section for those who don't want the usual package holiday.


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Agel, webdesign lawyers and accountants.

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If you are looking for that little bit more that little bit more exclusive experience to live and feel and indulge in an environment that exceeds even your greatest expectations of the Island of Ibiza.



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