At the extreme northern tip of the island this cove has served as a refuge for shipping for many, many years. One of the most beautiful coves of Ibiza, it is horse-shoe shaped with fine white sand encircled by pine woods.

Over recent decades it has become the largest resort on the northern coast of the island, since it became more accessible with the arrival of a good road the San Juan, the municipalities capital. The road crosses the mountains which previously made the port so inaccessible that the original village could often only be reached by sea.

Along the way are several beautiful beaches, served by chiringuitos or restaurants, before one arrives at Portinatx itself which boasts three beaches, each of which has a its own individual character.

Now a major island resort it has all of the facilities that one might expect on the island. If you don’t fancy the nightclubs, this is as far away from them as you can get!

Location of Portinatx on Ibiza