Any type of business small or big we can help you with our Ibiza internet advertising portal dedicated to the Island of Ibiza. Every visitor to our site has an interest about the Island. They visit the top portals to find places to stay, best places to eat, which beaches to visit, maps and guides. We try our best to provide that information and push the visitors to our site to our clients who advertise with us. We have a high number of other Ibiza websites that are also used in marketing for the Island. We can get eyes to your product, if its accommodation, restaurants, bars or any type of business, we want the visitors to Ibiza to know about your business.

We want to keep it simple and easy. We add your business under one of the following categories and if your category is not suitable we can easily adapt and make a new category.

For a very low price for advertising on our website we will guarantee you will get return for money from your advert.  All contact enquirers will go direct to your own email, no middle man, no commissions.

If you’re hotelier and you get just 5 emails in one year from our site and just 2 of those mails are bookings that is more than your money cost for the advertisement.

Ibiza Advertising on

Why use Ineffective, Old Fashioned Advertising Methods?

You need to ask yourself what is more cost effective. An expensive advert in a magazine or newspaper, or any other type of paper media or a million impressions on a website totally targeted for future and present Ibiza and Formentera visitors.


We have listed some key factors to consider:

1. has about 1,3 million unique visitors per year (2011). The price per ad impression is very low.

2. Most of our visitors is looking for information about Ibiza. They are your future customers.

3. We have VERY good rankings in search engines, such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Please try a search to verify.

4. has been online since 1999 and is one of the most visited sites about the area.

5. We update several times a week. Most often we update the website on a daily basis.

6. We offer full page ads in very eye catching positions. A full page dedicated to your business.

Get Hundreds of Thousands or even Millions of Impressions

Target based advertising on internet is today one of the most cost effective way to reach customers. has become one of the most popular websites, not only about Ibiza, but also the other topics in Balearics. If you want to promote your business in Ibiza, this is a serious resource to consider.

Our Statistics and Contact Information
The Conditions and Advertisement Formats
We like you to provide photos and as much detailed information about your business as possible. We accept JPEGS, GIFS and PNG.

We construct the page to advertise your business and its placed in the relevant category on our site.
Advertising with us

We are not a middle man, NO Commissions here!

When you advertise with us we not only place you on one website we have a multiple selection of websites that are all unique.

Advertising your hotel with us we give you a bonus site inclusion.

Advertising your wedding service with us we also place you on

Our network is large and we also have a large network of social media sites that will also be used to promote your business over your yearly subscription.

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