Ibiza Artists - local Art and artists

Ibiza over the decades has attracted all kinds of people and for some the beautiful landscapes and chilled way of life has captured the inspiration of many artists who have visited the Island. Because of its vividness and great lighting that produces some sharp contrasts and a depth of colour that has to be seen to believe. Blossom, white fincas, deep red earth, green pine clad hills, dark deep blue seas and white sandy beaches are just some flavours of colour that capture an artist's imagination.
Ibiza has a great deal of talented people who live on the Island all year round capturing the true nature and real Ibiza through paintings, sculptors, photography, architects, video artists and even wood sculptors. The artistic creativities from the artists on the Island have attracted many art lovers from all over the world to taste some of the real Ibizan art. Ibiza has galleries dotted all over the Island and exhibitions from local artists are very common. Ibiza has a great history of artist's creations from the likes of the Phoenicians and other historic predecessors who have populated the Island of Ibiza during Ibiza's long history.

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