Astroblog – April 2013 part 2

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ibizaAstrologyThe world continues on apace.  Colder in Ibiza that I predicted – at the w/end at least, but its warming again, so things will improve.

For this coming week the only significant happening is Pluto turning Retrograde in Capricorn on Friday.  Pluto of course is intense, and Capricorn (ruled by Saturn) is strict.  I think many of the numerous shenanigans around the globe will suddenly slow, maybe to a grinding halt.  North Korea seems to be pushing their luck, but aggressive action would I think be as wise as the Argentinian invasion of the Falklands – a chancer’s move too far!  There could be a verbal spat that day – Mercury is contra-parallel to Uranus – which is effectively an eyeball to eyeball opposition, while Saturn awkwardly inconjuncts Uranus, and with Mercury entering Taurus on Saturday, the air could get really hot!  A bit of a barny brewing, but the days will be calmer after next week-end. I think that particular little spat peaked around last weekend.

Today (10th) sees a New Moon in Aries, and conjunct Moon and Sun is Mars, ruler of Aries. Mars in turn has Venus by its side, all of which suggests a beginning of something almost impulsive, not carefully thought out or planned, and involving either love or money.  It’s quite clear cut, with no other aspects, and is in the 11th house of friends. That’s where we receive love. The 11th house is ruled by the Sun so the suggestion is that from there comes something bountiful.

The New Moon chart brings little of cheer weather wise, because it will improve, it will remain unseasonably windy and cooler than usual.  We must wait until the 18th before we see the Sun running out onto the field. The nights will remain chilly, with Saturn in the 4th house, possibly the odd day too.

On a day to day basis the transits as usual will colour our days, so here they are for the coming week:

10 Apr 2013 Venus Parallel Mars – Just like a conjunction, so passion and lust go hand in hand.  At New Moon too, which suggests it will run for a while.

10 Apr 2013 to 10 Apr 2013 Moon Conjunction Sun: New Moon is the very time for giving up the old and ringing in the new, rebundling your energies into another package. Commitments made now are intense, all-eggs-in-one-basket, but give them time to develop and to get their bearings. Time for laying cornerstones, the walls and rafters come later.

12 Apr 2013 to 20 Sep 2013 Pluto Stationary > Retrograde. Pluto will be closer during this period and consequently stronger in influence. Pluto is intense anyway, so those emotions we have seen erupt worldwide will intensify even more!

12 Apr 2013 Mercury Contra-parallel Uranus – Just like an opposition, so sudden crossed words could be the result.

14 Apr 2013 to 01 May 2013 Mercury Enters Aries: Everybody’s going to be quick-witted for a few weeks, or at least will be giving it a try, which means foot-in-mouth syndrome escalates, as people speak before they think. Nevertheless, there’s a sharpening of minds that cuts waste and makes for rapid-fire unfolding of ideas. Follow-through after the onrush will be the challenge.

14 Apr 2013 Venus Contra-parallel Neptune – Just like an opposition, so watch out as the dream romance hits a rocky road.

15 Apr 2013 to 09 May 2013 Venus Enters Taurus: There’s sweetness in simplicity in the air, and the good old pleasures haven’t lost their appeal. For the next few weeks, you don’t need fancy cuisine to take a nice bite out of life, or so the general opinion seems to run. If that leaves you yawning, just wait it out and live on what’s around until things spice up.

17 Apr 2013 Mars Contra-parallel Neptune – Just like an opposition, so is this the awakening or the shattering of a dream…?

To repeat a previous prediction, watch out for, indeed go along and participate in the Ladies Festival on Saturday at Can Bernat.  Cosmic value, star studded cabaret, music from the spheres and the great gift from the cosmos – Happiness and FUN.