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ibizaAstrologyAs predicted, the weather was/is much windier and cooler than normal.  By tomorrow (18th) we should see it warming, thank goodness.

Over the past weekend we saw Pluto station, and then turn retrograde.  That upped intensity while Mars burst into Aries, so the next few weeks should be interesting.

We may yet see more sabre rattling around the world, and at home too. Mars the head-down-and-charge planet is in its own sign – a king in his own realm… powerful stuff indeed, but sadly this king has no forethought, hence the wrong gate may well be the focus of his attention.  Why I wonder is everyone looking and laughing at the attention seeking of North Korea’s petulant leader?

This coming period until the 28th is set for excitement.  A Sun:Mars conjunction on the 16th sees not only Mars in its own realm, but now with the ‘big boss’ Sun to back him up.  Think: escalation of stupidity, but now with powerful backing.  China maybe?

But even then it’s all in NK’s own little empire, which is where they’re stuck until they wake up to the reality of the modern world. Maybe this is all just a parody….. How long will it all last?  Well the Chinese cliché: For the new to come, first the old must go. C’est la vie!

Mercury moves conjunct Uranus on the 20th, then their declination parallels (like a conjunction) on the 22nd, so a period for unexpected messages, or disruptions to travel.  Uranus is impossible to predict … Uranus is shock, sudden, least expected….  a basic lesson in astrolog is NEVER try to second guess Uranus.  Beware though, the outcome may not be seen across those days, but that’s when the trigger will click.

We’re edging towards Supermoon season – April sees a couple of days gap between Full Moon and Perigee, but May sees the first real Supermoon.  The April perigee happens while Mars is ready and up for action, meanwhile Pluto retrogrades towards advancing Uranus, and Saturn is exactly in-conjunct Uranus. Added to which, Moon is arriving at its Southern extreme of declination, ready to swing North again, so that will exacerbate the situation.  This feels like a bad bad neighbourhood to be in!

The consequential storms, earthquakes and accompanying consequences/excitement around the 25th-27th will at least distract the media from their hyping of other world dramas.

Having painted gloom and doom, at least let me add that Venus Sextile Neptune should see some folks having their dreams fulfilled.  Will it be love? Will it be lady luck?  With Uranus active in the heavens at present, whatever it will be, the only certainly is the uncertainty!

Onwards then with the daily transit forecast:

15 Apr 2013 to 09 May 2013 Venus Enters Taurus: There’s sweetness in simplicity in the air, and the good old pleasures haven’t lost their appeal. For the next few weeks, you don’t need fancy cuisine to take a nice bite out of life, or so the general opinion seems to run. If that leaves you yawning, just wait it out and live on what’s around until things spice up.

17 Apr 2013 Mars Contra-parallel Neptune – Just like an opposition, so is this the awakening or the shattering of a dream…?

18 Apr 2013 to 20 Apr 2013 Venus Sextile Neptune: Good taste is everything and it’s at its most real when you don’t even notice it. What feels right, is, and there’s no need to question it right now. Enjoy the drink that’s already been brewed and you’ll find it suits you more than you ever imagined as the rest of the world is in a tasting mood, too.

19 Apr 2013 to 20 May 2013 Sun Enters Taurus: The month ahead is all about pacing, or at least that’s the prevailing atmosphere. Making it work and being sure that it’s going to deliver, without getting sidetracked or distracted, is the common wisdom. Doing that without getting bored may sometimes be the problem. Common beauty with an uncommon touch is the solution.

19 Apr 2013 to 21 Apr 2013 Mercury Conjunction Uranus: Lightning-flash ideas lead to sudden, keen insights about how to make things work better. Leading-edge inventiveness abounds, so get your patent in while it’s hot. In general, it’s a good time for that “aha!” light bulb to go off over your head, so keep your mind open and write down what comes to you.

20 Apr 2013 to 31 May 2013 Mars Enters Taurus: The need to get on with things takes a slow turn for some time to come, as actions become of necessity more deliberate, sometimes ponderously so. Although headway may be gradual all around, it’s a good time for laying solid foundations and putting the sweat of your brow into investments that will last a long time.

20 Apr 2013 to 22 Apr 2013 Mercury Square Pluto: Forceful arguments have less weight, the more you put into them. Pounding debates only exhaust their participants. Attacking the issue will wind up destroying it. Yet, that’s the general inclination, so when in doubt, just say go. Hightail it to some seclusion where you can wait out the battle, then pick up others’ pieces.

21 Apr 2013 to 23 Apr 2013 Venus Opposition Saturn: Interrupted journeys of desire nevertheless proceed, but at a slower rate. If at first you don’t get what you want, try it again differently until you find your way around the roadblocks. Where resources fall short, cleverness intercedes and patience perseveres. Fortunes are seldom made overnight,

so take one step at a time.

22 Apr 2013 Mercury Parallel Uranus:  Unexpected words, messages, breakdowns of electrical/electronics/computers.  Cancelled flights, ferries or trains. Amazing discoveries in technology or something hi-tech.  Maybe even aliens from outer space make contact?

23 Apr 2013 Mars Contra-parallel Saturn:  Eyeball to eyeball confrontation between the irresistible force of Mars, and the unmoveable object of Saturn.

23 Apr 2013 to 24 Apr 2013 Mercury Sextile Jupiter: Ideas that were once only on the drawing board wind up panning out seamlessly, and you might look to how that happened as a model for future operations. The chances are you didn’t even notice, having your mind a step ahead already. Undertakings begun now have an easy future with continuing creativity assured.

23 Apr 2013 to 25 Apr 2013 Venus Trine Pluto: When you’re sure you’re going to get what you want, you probably will, and that kind of attitude all around makes for a general win-win situation. Cross-purposes are at a minimum and a fundamental agreement on mutual goals and desires means one hand washes the other and vice versa for joint pleasures.

So: another week and the world changes. The streets are busier as the tourists arrive on the Magic White Island.  I wish them, and you too some special magik in your life.  Believe it, the Cosmos will oblige!

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