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ibizaAstrologyIf you study Astrology you learn early on that major events invariably manifest during the build-up to a planetary alignment, with only echoing shock waves afterwards. Last week I wrote: A Sun:Mars conjunction on the 16th sees not only Mars in its own realm, but now with the ‘big boss’ Sun to back him up. Think: escalation of stupidity, but now with powerful backing. On the 15th two bombs exploded at the finish of the Boston marathon. The chart for the very minute of the bombing (4.00pm local time) tells the story. Jupiter, planet of expansion, (explosion?) arrived at the mid-heaven, while several other aspects aided and abetted. Normally regarded as a benific, Jupiter often appears in charts of moments of death; the signifier of growth into another life I wonder.

The police captured the two accused brothers after two separate gun battles. Friends and neighbours expressed total surprise at the assertion that they were guilty of such a heinous crime against society and humanity. They had settled into and woven themselves into the fabric of American society. How on earth could they betray this way of life?

The disbelief reminded me of two incidents; one real, one fictional.

The first was the ‘sleeper’ – a closet Irish national patriot who worked in the Tower of London for a lifetime, waiting for the moment when the word would come to leave a particular door unlocked one night. After the dreadful Tower of London bombing by the IRA, his friends and colleagues could not believe he did it.

The second was in the Godfather 2 film, where in pre Castro Cuba, a rebel assassin makes a suicidal attack on the Batista military leaders. Young Michael Corleone profoundly comments that the Castro rebels would prevail because they would willingly sacrifice their lives for their cause, whereas the Batista soldiers were simply mercenary employees, committed only to their wages.

I do not suggest that Americans lack commitment, but they and all of us need to reflect that none of us know what truly dwells in the heart of another, nor do we know to what lengths they will go in pursuit of their belief.

I watched on television (a rare occurrence) the lockdown of Boston by the American military in the search for a man who is suspected of killing three people. In 2010, over eleven thousand people were murdered by gun crime alone in the USA. I pondered… Where was the similar resolve to protect those eleven thousand?

A striking co-incidence is that the USA:North Korea stand-off has disappeared from view. Adding to the enigma is that the elder brother died after capture, and the younger is now reported as ’probably never being able to give evidence’……  Hmmmmm.

All of the above has nothing, and yet has everything to do with astrology.

I believe  the Boston bombing will eventually lead to the opening of a very nasty and powerful Pandora’s box; remember too that Pluto is still in Capricorn!

While in front of that universal time-waster television, I watched the funeral of Margaret Thatcher. In particular I was inspired more that for many many years by the address by the Bishop of London. With incredible clarity he reminded us of the spiritual nature of our life, death and life’s renewal.

On to this week, and the big event is tomorrow the 25th!  At 9.56pm the Moon will be ‘full’. Diametrically opposite the Sun, either side of the Earth, the Moon will be quite low in the sky, but a partial eclipse will occur as the shadow of the Earth crosses the Moon.

Lunar Eclipses are held to be great signifiers, with effects which last for months.  On Thursday, Moon is in early, secretive Scorpio, moving towards closer conjunction with retrograde Saturn.  Sun in Taurus is opposite, close to Mars which it conjoined on the 16th (Boston bombs on the 15th).  Moon is also in 12th house of ‘hidden enemies’  ‘prisons’ and ‘captivity’ – which combined with secretive Scorpio sign makes for a very enigmatic chart.  Having said that…. Just look at the USA.  Sudden erupting violence, hidden enemies, prisons, secretive undercurrent emotions. Maybe the Boston bombing was just a pre-cursor for the months to come. If not in the USA, then somewhere.

On May 1st, Mars and Saturn oppose precisely.  Irresistible force (Marsin Scorpio) meet unmoveable object (Saturn in Taurus).  That sounds more and more like the USA resisting terrorism I’m afraid. Let’s wait and see.

Weatherwise, the Full Moon suggests an improving weather pattern – warmer, but with Mercury still making a powerful presence in the chart, which suggests a continuation of the winds.

On then with the daily transits.  You can see from the above that times are exciting, and if you’re Scorpio, Taurus, Aries, Aquarius or Capricorn, the party will be near YOU!  Scorpio especially!

23 Apr 2013 to 24 Apr 2013 Mercury Sextile Jupiter: Ideas that were once only on the drawing board wind up panning out seamlessly, and you might look to how that happened as a model for future operations. The chances are you didn’t even notice, having your mind a step ahead already. Undertakings begun now have an easy future with continuing creativity assured.

23 Apr 2013 to 25 Apr 2013 Venus Trine Pluto: When you’re sure you’re going to get what you want, you probably will, and that kind of attitude all around makes for a general win-win situation. Cross-purposes are at a minimum and a fundamental agreement on mutual goals and desires means one hand washes the other and vice versa for joint pleasures.

25 Apr 2013 to 25 Apr 2013 Moon Opposition Sun: Full Moon brings fruition, but also high emotional tides; what you do now may turn out to have been overdone when you look back on it. Deals sealed now may swing erratically later on, but if kept under control will be fat and fruitful. This is the time for plucking the fruit from the tree, not planting one.

25 Apr 2013 to 28 Apr 2013 Mars Sextile Neptune: Small illusions and occasional flattery grease the path for everyone – manners based on consideration of others makes even the most insincere friendships rewarding. Gilding the truth does not always mean lying, just spreading cheer and optimism that invigorates and rejuvenates all concerned.

30 Apr 2013 to 02 May 2013 Mars Opposition Saturn: It can seem like there’s a leak in the gas tank as expected energy levels get siphoned off and drop inexplicably. It’s kind of like trying to run with one cement overshoe dragging things back, intermittent strain that hamstrings the operation. Allot more time to make progress, and everybody will get there.

So, there we are for another week.  We are going through a long period of contentious aspects and the associated manifestations in the Cosmos.  There’s also recent Solar flares to be considered, more earthquakes just around the corner – a world of turmoil.  One consolation of studying astrology is the reassurance that everything in the Cosmos runs in cycles to run full circle.

Enjoy the warmer weather, enjoy the Cosmos and all its blessings.

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