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ibizaAstrologyUranus square Pluto was the challenging square which last week created mayhem across the world. Carnage in Syria, riots in Sweden, terrorist attacks in London and Paris, and murderous bombing in India, not forgetting Sri Lanka monks setting themselves afire. Remember my observation last week: Pluto offers the gift of regeneration. This will usually require a huge break-up, break-down, break-in, or break-out that is destructive and painful in nature. If we hold fast to our faith we will come through whatever the challenge. And come through for the better…

And as for the weather!  Across the world, we suffered ‘exceptional weather for the time of year’. The weather pattern accompanied a Lunar Eclipse and SuperMoon.  Remember SuperMoons?  They’re the Full and New Moons which coincide with the Moon’s orbit coming close to Earth.  The combined effect is an exceptional increase in gravitational pull from the Moon.  The Moon is the controller of the tides and weather patterns…..  June 23rd brings an even stronger one.  I had said that the Full Moon would seem pretty small beer compared to the rest of the world….. A little rain and wind does not compare with bombings and lunatic (terrorists) with knives.

And for the coming week?  It will be be somewhat calmer, with few triggers being pulled for dramatic action.  That waits in reserve for the week after as a New Moon in Gemini on the 8th gets things moving.

A moment then to reflect on what has happened. The bloody and savage murder of an off duty soldier in London came as a shock.  A lesser publicised knife attack on a uniformed soldier occurred in Paris, fortunately without lethal consequences. While Uranus square Pluto might be a trigger, I am amazed at the co-incidences of what were apparently totally separate occurrences.  Seemingly sensible young men launched what were almost suicidal attacks on individuals – purportedly as retaliation against oppression of Muslims.  The Boston bombing, the London stabbing, and the Paris stabbing – all designed to shock and gain attention…. and a reaction.

These were not cleverly planned attacks like 911 which succeeded in an endeavour to kill. These were all three so blundering in their execution… a co-incidence? Or are we witnessing an endeavour by concealed powers to discredit others?  Maybe to discredit the causes/faiths supposedly represented, or maybe the security forces….. or maybe…?

I very easily tend to forget that Neptune is currently in its own realm of Pisces.  Neptune’s influence is deep like the ocean, it is always dark and murky around Neptune – Neptune is the opposite to clarity, it is shadowy, illusory, confusing.  The two fishes of Pisces swim in opposition to confuse the observer of their direction. Easily turned and swayed, easily convinced that a cause is ‘good’. Easily accepting that murder is a justifiable means to an end.  To that influence of Neptune we can add planet Mercury being ‘out of bounds’. This is an extreme Northerly declination of Mercury, peaking at the end of May.  When ‘out of bounds’ planets are regarded as ‘out of control’ – in fact it simply means they are totally unpredictable. Is that what drove those young men crazy? Or is there a more underhand influence at work?

If that indeed is the case, then we can take some reassurance: Pluto in Capricorn will find you out and expose the corruption of your ways!

Neptune is slowing to a halt before it moves retrograde on the 7th. This is a time to listen to that inner voice, to pay attention to your intuition and heed all those inner warning bells. Deceivers are exposed, delusions fall away and secrets are revealed.

Weather wise, it will not be a spectacularly good summer…. But I’m sure you’ve concluded that already. But we shall survive!

Pluto in Capricorn again….. Exposes again the myth that you cannot ‘spend your way out of recession’.  France has now officially moved into recession as President Hollande who promulgated the myth is declared by pollsters to be ‘the most unpopular president of modern times’.

The daily transits are as mentioned earlier, somewhat kinder this week:

31 May 2013 to 08 Aug 2013 Mercury Enters Cancer: What folks are saying and thinking is a lot closer to their hearts than you or they may think, so verbal sparring can get taken too seriously in the next few weeks. People mean what they say a little too much, and say what they really mean too little. There’s a cry over the milk, spilled or not, so speak judiciously, with sensitivity.

31 May 2013 to 13 Jul 2013 Mars Enters Gemini: There’s a hurry-up quality of the surrounding energy for a while that

demands a lot of projects get tended to with dispatch, if not with thoroughness. Choices abound for channeling resources, and mobility and flexibility are everyone’s hallmark for the moment. Take it in short bursts, as everyone else is.

31 May 2013 to 31 May 2013 Moon Square Sun: Uncertainty and shifting grounds can mark the day’s outcomes, and

confidence may retreat in the face of a challenge. Confrontation is the wrong game to play, but pulling out entirely is equally unsuitable. Make judicious compromise now and the resulting situation will improve, but don’t chase diminishing returns.

03 Jun 2013 to 27 Jun 2013 Venus Enters Cancer: There’s a bit of an inward shift in what people are asking for, and it’s going

to get very up close and personal for a few weeks. It’s about must-have, not might-like, and about keeping and devouring what’s to be had. That can find some fighting for scraps, but when you’ve got your hands on what you want, the pleasure is to the bone.

03 Jun 2013 to 04 Jun 2013 Mercury Trine Neptune: It’s easier than usual to put difficult and elusive concepts into words and

put them to work for the general benefit. If you have a dream, now you can speak about it and people will understand. Listen to the same from others, who now have the same opportunity to share their inner visions and unite with you.

03 Jun 2013 to 04 Jun 2013 Mercury Trine Saturn: Steady focus and clear, reductive thinking get reliable results that inspire confidence in others, particularly those on the conservative side. Keep your eye on long-term operations and slow but steady development. Think big but not fast, what is begun now is for posterity, and that’s forever, so you’ve got time.

07 Jun 2013 to 13 Nov 2013 Neptune Stationary Retrograde  Neptune’s retrograde presents the gift of psychic clarity.  Normally, Neptune thwarts us from keeping our feet too firmly on the ground; it enables us to ruminate, daydream, sometimes putting a soft-focus on the things in our lives that are less than pleasant. It sees beyond boundaries and walls into the realm of possibility. Mystical Neptune doesn’t just facilitate illusions, it enhances our consciousness.

So, there we are for another week. Enjoy this week and all the blessings bestowed by the cosmos.

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