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ibizaAstrologyA couple of weeks ago I wrote about the Sun:Mars conjunction, and then last week quoted it again about the Boston Bombing. This week I do so once again: A Sun:Mars conjunction on the 16th sees not only Mars in its own realm, but now with the ‘big boss’ Sun to back him up. Think: escalation of stupidity, but now with powerful backing. And then last I posted: Adding to the enigma, is that the elder brother died after capture, and now the younger is reported as ’probably never being able to give evidence’……  I commented:….I believe  the Boston bombing will eventually lead to the opening of a very nasty and powerful Pandora’s box; remember that Pluto is still in Capricorn!

It seems that the facts were not as portrayed it.  The reported ‘heavy gun battle’ with the accused brothers now appears doubtful as they carried between them only one 9mm hand gun.  The second brother was captured after a ‘serious gunfight’ according to police. He was located hiding in a boat; he was unarmed, (now admit the police) but sustained seriously injuries when it was sprayed ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ style with heavy machine gun bullets. The police lied. They reported that he ‘shot himself’. How?

It seems also that the allegation that the brothers had previously held up a 7/11 store and shot a policeman was also unfounded. The police declared it ‘mistaken identity’, but only after the elder brother was dead, and the younger was seriously injured.

Various independent Boston journalists have taken up the case and are investigating. One published: As more details come out, it becomes increasingly clear that police/security officials attempted to murder both brothers and cover it up with a tissue of lies.

Astrology wise it’s all in here. But what was sitting waiting quietly was the Pandora’s Box which opened sooner than I thought, revealing the whirlwind of fury inside that was our old friend Pluto in Capricorn! By now you should have this off by heart: Revealing lies and corruption by institutions.  There are additionally of course the causal aspects of the whole thing:  Uranus:Pluto squared was indeed a powerful promoter. The Sun:Mars conjunction was in the 8th house of death. The Sun meanwhile was ruler of the 12th house of hidden enemies, and of prisons and institutions. Pluto intense, Uranus as always managed to spring a shock/surprise. The 8th house and 12th house involvement, while all being brought to book by Pluto in Capricorn. The irony is that we’ve heard the story before…. by the same storyteller. Last time the suspect was armed by ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’.  Shame on you!

But to the present – today, Mars, the irresistible force runs into head-on opposition with Saturn, the immovable object. At 02,28 there was a Solar eclipse which accompanied the New Moon. The chart is almost incredible – I cannot describe the potentials for chaos.  Hidden enemies, families and friends, financial shock/surprise, religious secrets all show the potential for becoming news.  Only children and love affairs are placed comfortably. These are times to avoid looking for trouble…. There’s plenty out there looking for you and I.

Weather wise, the third quarter Moon tomorrow heralds warmer weather, but continuation of showers. The New Moon on the 10th promises warm, moist and potentially foggy. After the Mercury ingress into Gemini on the 15th, the winds will ease, there will be some blisteringly hot days, with the odd tropical thunderstorm. The first quarter Moon shows much the same, but easing of the tropical storms, and it’s only after the Full Moon of May 25th that ‘real’ summer will appear.

Onwards then with the daily transits – watch out if a significant planet in your own natal chart is featured… The spotlight is on you!

30 Apr 2013 to 02 May 2013 Mars Opposition Saturn: It can seem like there’s a leak in the gas tank as expected energy levels get siphoned off and drop inexplicably. It’s kind of like trying to run with one cement overshoe dragging things back, intermittent strain that hamstrings the operation. Allot more time to make progress, and everybody will get there.

01 May 2013 to 15 May 2013 Mercury Enters Taurus: There’s a certain plodding quality to communications in the coming weeks, which is great for gaining ground and making sure you know what’s really happening. Solid, well-crafted ideas have appeal but flights of fancy have a harder time getting heard, because a leap of imagination is difficult with both your feet on the ground.

02 May 2013 Mercury Contraparallel Neptune – Imagination and fabrication run riot. The truth may be hard to discern.

03 May 2013 Mercury Contraparallel Saturn – after yesterday, this looks like the truth being revealed.

03 May 2013 to 04 May 2013 Mercury Sextile Neptune: The messages of the spirit are clearest when you are not directly seeking them. So it is now that wisdom unheralded and unnoticed displays itself around you. A special comfort in the world around comes from knowing its secrets without shouting them. A quiet word and a knowing glance tell all.

05 May 2013 to 05 May 2013 Mercury Opposition Saturn: Navigating past the logjams of the mind can be a challenge, and sometimes you just can’t get your head together and focused. The brain drain is the pain, but only periodically, with equal periods of mental energy and clear thinking. It’s happening all around, so best wait until things lighten up before making commitments.

04 May 2013 to 07 May 2013 Mars Trine Pluto: Forceful action is highlighted by confidence and follow-through, which doubles the available power at hand. Swing through, not at, the ball and it will fly straight and true. Today’s beginnings will grow self-reliant and reliable, fueled by faith and conviction that converts to action anytime, anywhere.

06 May 2013 to 07 May 2013 Mercury Trine Pluto: When you’ve got it figured out, run with it and everyone will follow. Forceful words expressed in a friendly manner brook no opposition. A powerful concept sweeps the field better than a cannonade, proving again that the pen is mightier than the sword. Nail it down now, and you’re in charge well beyond the horizon.

07 May 2013 to 08 May 2013 Mercury Conjunction Mars: Ideas catch fire and the mind races as your thinking cap jams into fifth gear. A heady time, indeed, but you’ll need to keep pace with the rest of the world, which is experiencing the same thing. Anything you choose to do with your interior software will keep this high pace in times to come, so strike while the iron is hot.

08 May 2013 Mercury Parallel Mars – Forceful words abound.  Will you be giving…. Or receiving?

There we are then for another week.  The nice thing about challenging times is that sunnier days are ahead to look forward to. Always remember the promise of the Cosmos, and the blessings it bestows.


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