Astroblog May 2013 part 3

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ibizaAstrologyIt seemed like fate…. Last week I did not mention Pluto in Capricorn, and what happens – all sorts of corruption and connivance comes to light, not only in Europe, but across the globe. One such example from the UK was the £550,000 compensation payment made by Cleveland’s police authority for falsely arresting and imprisoning a solicitor, holding his wife and two sons in a single room for seven hours, confiscating and holding documents which were subject to legal privilege….  An abject apology came with it, acknowledging the arrest warrant had been obtained maliciously in an abuse of power.  So far Cleveland police have seen not least, a deputy chief constable sacked, and the wife of the chief constable, herself a senior officer, resign while an investigation into her professional behaviour was in progress. I am sure there will be more revelations added to this series of exposes of corruption by those in supposedly respected institutions and bodies.  Pluto in Capricorn, – revealing the unethical and dishonest since 2008!

This week…. Uranus Squares Pluto, and there’s a Full Moon….. both mentioned in previous weeks. So… on with the weekly transits:

15 May 2013 to 31 May 2013 Mercury Enters Gemini: The coming few weeks will be ideal for wide-range brainstorming, as the general climate is up for more open communications and generally batting ideas around without having to commit to them immediately. There’s a breezy feeling to it, like air running through your hair, freedom of speech at its safest and best.

17 May 2013 to 18 May 2013 Mercury Square Neptune: It’s easy to insist on cutting your way through the confusion only to find yourself more at sea than before. Perhaps it is better to roll over and go back to sleep and wake up on the other side of the bed. Elusive concepts flee in the face of challenge, so watch the show without requiring explanation. No subtitles.

17 May 2013 to 19 May 2013 : Venus Sextile Uranus You don’t have to go crazy trying to discover new sensations. Sometimes the slightest variation in a time-honored recipe will turn things around with hardly any effort. Try a new ingredient, a new position, a new side road – you’ll be surprised what’s just next door and around the corner, and who’s doing it, too.

20 May 2013 to 21 Jun 2013 Sun Enters Gemini: The month ahead promises a lot of heightened communication – at least that is the general expectation, so expect to hit a chord if you say more rather than less. Intellectual solutions are the rage, but that may be simply to paper over what’s being ignored underneath. Keep options open, however, as you never know which sound bite is going to wind up the winner and hit home to the truth.

04 May 2013 to 07 Jun 2013 Uranus Square Pluto: This several-year period (most recently centring around 1933) occurs only once every 128 years and is reputed to have the effect of transforming and sometimes violent technological progress upon society at large. Too lengthy to have much more than a background effect, it nevertheless sets the tone of the period.

20 May 2013 to 21 May 2013 Mercury Sextile Uranus The wellsprings of the mind are, like water, often taken for granted. When ideas flow fresh from the tap, one assumes they are always there, as at this moment. Launch it now and that will likely always be the case, but a look inside the mechanics of your everyday creativity might help you drink when wells run dry.

23 May 2013 to 26 May 2013 Mercury Conjunction Venus: This is an ideal time for achievement in arts and letters – whether it’s redecorating, taking great pictures and movies, or doing a makeover. A keen eye for the beautiful is in sharp focus and a strong sense of shape and proportion makes for good judgment in all aspect of design, now and for posterity.

25 May 2013 to 25 May 2013 Moon Opposition Sun: Full Moon brings fruition, but also high emotional tides; what you do now may turn out to have been overdone when you look back on it. Deals sealed now may swing erratically later on, but if kept under control will be fat and fruitful. This is the time for plucking the fruit from the tree, not planting one.

It seems we are fated to that ancient Chinese curse: May you live in interesting times!

Until next week, enjoy the blessings of the Cosmos…

Your Ibiza Astrologer.