Ibiza Bars and Pubs

Bars on Ibiza are everywhere. The Island is known for its nightlife so it’s not surprising that the Island has so many bars to choose from. You will always find somewhere to quench your thirst.
Pre-party bars are very popular on the Island to get you into gear for the big clubs. Most these bars will be free entry and you can most the time get some sort of promotional entry fee to one of the clubs if you have a drink at the bar.
Other popular bars around the Island are typical British pubs or Irish bars. These most reside in the main tourist resorts. Other kinds of bars you will see dotted all over the Island are the typical Spanish types of bar that normally have a good selection of tapas. Most bars on the Island will serve good coffee and a lot of bars will go under the name of Café!
Café is the popular word used for some of the sunset bars located in San Antonio like Café Del Mar. This world famous bar that most people would know.


Wedding Venue & Restaurant in San Juan

Bora Bora

Beach Club Playa Den Bossa

Can Cosmi Bar

Snack Bar in Santa Eulalia

Es Port

Santa Eulalia


Wedding Venue & Restaurant in San Antonio

The Burger Bar

Santa Eulalia

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