Playa Den Bossa Beach


The longest beach on the island - has to be surveyed to be believed. It's the other (and main) beach if you're fortunate enough to have accommodation in the middle of Ibiza town or the remarkable Playa d'en Bossa. It's extremely long (the dog will love it!) and features at least 50 beach bars, restaurants and beach clubs.

Playa Den Bossa has become one of the hottest destinations on Ibiza and the whole area is dedicated to younger generation, but with a little more class than San Antonio. One of the exceptions worthy of note on this stretch is the Bora Bora Ibiza club. This is the start of the nightlife scene in Playa Den Bossa, a sort of pre-bar before hitting the super club Space.Bora Bora also happens to lie directly under the flight path of all planes landing at Ibiza airport - so the music has to be loud.

The beach is long and most areas are good for swimming. Some areas are more chilled out than others. The beach is mainly youngsters and plenty of hot bodies around. The sand is good in most areas of the beach. The sea can get a little choppy sometimes with a head-on wind directly on to the beach, chill factor kicks in about 7pm evening times if there is a drop of wind. This is a great beach and you can’t go wrong if you decide to spend a day here. Overall it’s a great beach with plenty to do. Some of the top name hotels sit on this beach for good reasons.

Playa Den Bossa Beach View from far end of beach Beach
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2700m long
35m wide
Beach faces South

Average water tempratures

Jan 10ºC
Feb 10ºC
Mar 12ºC
April 15ºC
May 18ºC
June 21ºC
July, August and September 26ºC October 24ºC
November 18ºC
December 14ºC sometimes lower


Snorkeling, Swimming, Treking


A ferry operates from Playa Den Bossa taking you too many other resorts including the hippy market.
See Playa Den Bossa Ferry

Shops, Supermarkets

Being next to the resort of Playa Den Bossa gives you access to lots of shops.

Nearest Town/Resort

Playa Den Bossa

Nearest Accommodation

Hotels in Playa Den Bossa

Apartments in Playa Den Bossa

Home of the Jet Apartments and Bora Bora

Rating by Ibiza holidays

Water StarStarStar
Sand StarStarStar
Scenery StarStarStar
Services StarStarStarStar

Your Safety

Dont swim out too far from the beach.
Beware if rip currents! Rip currents are powerful currents of water moving away from shore. Most beaches on Ibiza are fairly calm and rip current free but bad weather can change that!

Some beaches have rocks! We advise you to becareful when jumping of diving into the sea. Look first!

Its Hot
The sun can be very hot in summer months and its important to shade young children and babies. Also fair skinned people should be careful.Sun Safety


Facilities / Amenties

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Diving in Ibiza

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Hotel Garbi

Hotel Garbi4 Stars

Rooms: 298
Address : C/ de la Murtra, 5 Playa d'en Bossa, Ibiza
Info : Beach front hotel, with large pool and spa.

Information & Photos location of hote,maplBook Direct

Hotel Tore Del Mar

Hotel Torre Del Mar4 Stars

Rooms: 217
Address : Playa d'en Bossa, s/n Ibiza
Info : Located on the beach, pool with tower in middle.

Information & Photos location of hote,maplBook Direct

Sirenis Club Goleta

Sirenis Club Goleta & Spa4 Stars

Rooms: 252
Address : C/ Pedro Matutes Nouguera S/N, Playa den Bossa
Info : Located on the beach, 2kms from Ibiza Town

Information & Photos location of hote,maplBook Direct

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