Cala Corral

This tiny, sheltered cove is home to a small marina where little boats can hide away in inclement weather. There are absolutely no services here, and nothing really by way of a beach. All 15 metres  by 3 metres that I saw were covered in seaweed and rocks, and it doesn't look like there are any plans to change that for the coming summer.

As this cove is mainly used by the Ibicenc fishermen and sailors visiting the marina, I need hardly point out that there is little chance of having a swim here. Whether or not it's illegal, I don't know. What I do know is that it would be foolhardy.
The reason, perhaps the only one, you should visit is to witness the Ibicenc boathouses, known as llauts, most of which seem to blend into the orange-coloured backdrop of the small cliffs that surround them.

One or two of these llauts have been given that extra touch, a lick of paint here, a tiled roof there, but the rest of the concrete, stone, wood and thatch constructions remain as unchanged as they must have been for a century or more.And to say it's tranquil here would be a gross understatement. Don't bring all your beach gear for the reasons already stated, but do come and spend a little time, just to soak up the peace and recharge those tired old batteries. For those keen photographers amongst you the opportunities, while hardly endless, are abundant.

Getting there.
Cala Corral is located about halfway between Cala Codolar and Cala Tarida. If you're coming from Ibiza town or San Antonio, take the road to Sant Josep. From the Santa Eularia or Portinatx area, take the main roads to Sant Josep. It's pretty much the  first turning west of Sant Josep, and you need to follow the road to Cala Tarida. Once there, at the roundabout, head off down and to the right. Parking is limited, but the solitude of the cove means you should have no real problem finding a spot.

If on foot, take one of the many buses to Cala Tarida and it's an easy stroll from there.

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Average water tempratures

Jan 10ºC
Feb 10ºC
Mar 12ºC
April 15ºC
May 18ºC
June 21ºC
July, August and September 26ºC October 24ºC
November 18ºC
December 14ºC sometimes lower


Snorkeling, Photography, Swimming, Pedalos


No ferries from this beach.

Shops, Supermarkets

No shops or supermarkets is this area, the beach does have a few restaurants for refreshments and food.

Nearest Town/Resort

Cala Tarida

Nearest Accommodation

Hotels in San Antonio Bay

Apartments in San Antonio Bay



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Your Safety

Dont swim out too far from the beach.
Beware if rip currents! Rip currents are powerful currents of water moving away from shore. Most beaches on Ibiza are fairly calm and rip current free but bad weather can change that!

Some beaches have rocks! We advise you to becareful when jumping of diving into the sea. Look first!

Its Hot
The sun can be very hot in summer months and its important to shade young children and babies. Also fair skinned people should be careful. Sun Safety

Cool Kids

Wear waterproof sandles. Great for children who want to look around the rocks to catch crabs and fish.
Diving mask for snorkeling!


Jellyfish and sea urchins are the only real threats in the Mediteareanm sea.And they are not life threating in anyway, but you can epect a nasty sting from a jellyfish .Niether sharks or whales swim around these Islands.

Leave your valuables in the hotel safe. Please read Safety

Look after your eyes
Wear sunglasses, the sun is very bright and emits strong Ultraviolet light. Please read Sunglasses

Facilities / Amenties

Life saving timetable: From 15th May to 15th October: from 10 untill 18 h.

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