Es Figueral Beach, Ibiza



Another beach that keeps itself to itself off the beaten track. It's not the sort of beach that immediately springs to mind on a day when its too hot to do anything else but lie on the beach, swim, lie on the beach, swim etc.

But then I'm not on holiday nearby or German, they seem to love this one. There's not much happening here, or at least that was the populat view until recently. This predominantly German resort on the north east coast of the island is a bit off the beaten track, but then so were the hill parties of yore. A little slice of that vibe has surfaced at a bar called the Golden Garden, on your left as you enter the village.
This is a decidedly chilled venue which has a KM 5, Bambuddha Grove feel, but on a budget! The crazy golf course is fun for the kids, but only serves to confuse the ethic of the place. However, they do have a habit of coming up with unique and brilliant occasions with their Sunday night live acoustic music sessions. It was like being in your own home with cool entertainers chugging out the tunes, sharing your beer bottle, no inhibitions, no roof, no walls - a truly different night out..

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400m long
40m wide to sea.
Biscuit coloured sand
Beach faces East

Average water tempratures

Jan 10ºC
Feb 10ºC
Mar 12ºC
April 15ºC
May 18ºC
June 21ºC
July, August and September 26ºC October 24ºC
November 18ºC
December 14ºC sometimes lower


Snorkeling, Photography, Swimming, Pedalos


No ferries from this beach.

Shops, Supermarkets

No shops or supermarkets is this area, the beach does have a few restaurants for refreshments and food.

Nearest Town/Resort

San Carlos, Es Cana

Nearest Accommodation

Hotels in Es Cana

Apartments in Es Cana

Rating by Ibiza holidays

Water StarStarStarStar
Sand StarStarStar
Scenery StarStarStarStar
Services StarStarStar

Your Safety

Dont swim out too far from the beach.
Beware if rip currents! Rip currents are powerful currents of water moving away from shore. Most beaches on Ibiza are fairly calm and rip current free but bad weather can change that!

Some beaches have rocks! We advise you to becareful when jumping of diving into the sea. Look first!

Its Hot
The sun can be very hot in summer months and its important to shade young children and babies. Also fair skinned people should be careful. Sun Safety

Cool Kids

Wear waterproof sandles. Great for children who want to look around the rocks to catch crabs and fish.
Diving mask for snorkeling!


Jellyfish and sea urchins are the only real threats in the Mediteareanm sea.And they are not life threating in anyway, but you can epect a nasty sting from a jellyfish .Niether sharks or whales swim around these Islands.

Leave your valuables in the hotel safe. Please read Safety

Look after your eyes
Wear sunglasses, the sun is very bright and emits strong Ultraviolet light. Please read Sunglasses

Facilities / Amenties

Life saving timetable: From 15th May to 15th October: from 10 untill 18 h.

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Beach Flags    

Safe bathing condition

Green Flag

Bathing with caution
Yellow Flag
No bathing
Red Flag
Note you will not see these flags on all beaches!
Please take care of Ibiza's Beaches and keep Ibiza clean

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