Anyone who has had the pleasure of exploring the Balearics by boat will confirm that this really is the best way to travel around the Mediterranean. For the experienced sailor or yacht owner, it is the definition of freedom. For those unfamiliar with life on the ocean wave, this is an experience that has to be savored to be able to claim to have lived life to the fullness.
In this section we have tried to provide as much information as possible that might be of use to the sailor in our waters, be they an old salt or a confirmed landlubber.

We identify the safe anchorages for those who don’t have the luxury of a mooring in one of the island’s marinas, but for those who are sufficiently organised we provide contact numbers and information on the various marinas such that pre-planning should prove easy. For those who don’t own a yacht, we have a yacht charter section to ensure that you need not be left out, which includes a number of good reasons why you charter your yachts rather than owning one anyway..

Yacht Charter

A nice sailing yacht with enough room for 5 or 6 people would cost upwards of 250.000 euros. Average running costs would be about 35.000 euros per annum, possibly rising to 50.000 per annum if much refitting was required or desired.
Depreciation in value would be expected to be 10% of the boat’s value. From these figures it would appear that the running costs would equate to the cost of chartering a yacht for a month each year – and depreciation would justify another month of charter. It would be a lucky man who could afford the time to spend two months a year at sea without interfering with his work schedule?
I have had the luxury of sailing with such a lucky man, but in only the six years that he has owned his own boat, based here, he has sailed over 90,000 miles, including four Atlantic crossings.
This is eqivalent to sailing around the world twice. Little wonder then that he knows his way around a yacht, the churlish habits of the weather and almost any port that you care to name.
As he himself would say – there’s no commercial sense in buying a yacht unless you plan to spend most of the rest of your life on the ocean wave…

Bareboat Sailing

For the experienced sailor this is completely independent sailing in one of the world’s most beautiful cruising areas. When you arrive you will find your yacht ready and waiting, with provisions on board, so that you can start your holiday straight away

The companies with whom we arrange this type of charter will give you a full technical chart briefing before you disembark at your own pace to explore the islands at your leisure. Rent a boat or charter a yacht for aslong as you need check the categories above to find the right boat for you. Ibiza Boat Charter is a great way to enjoy the seas around the Island of Ibiza.