Apartments Jet complex

Jet is the complex of apartments that is located around Bora Bora beach bar and restaurant. Perfectly situated next to the main beach of Playa den Bossa. Also five minute walking distance to the Space super club.

BORA BORA IBIZA Beach club, Playa Den Bossa

Bora Bora signpostDancerBora Bora Terrace

Bora Bora is a beach club, bar, restaurant and nightclub. The most famous beach bar in Ibiza, Bora Bora located on the Playa Den Bossa beach part of the Jet Apartments complex.

Loud music, beach girls, hot body's and cool too be seen place is the theme here, being only 3 minutes away from Space it is a great place to start before a night in Space. Music starts at 12pm which is mainly chillout music then around 4;30pm the music is pumped up with Dj's like Oliver Lang and Gordon Edge which lasts until to around 12am for the beach part of Bora Bora, then the inside of Bora Bora opens up the nightclub which goes on till 6am.


Jet Apartments

Every Every once in a while there are foam-parties plus many other types of events.

During the day the crowds of people extend all the way down to the waters edge, either grab a sun bed and watch the beautiful sexy body's and the listen to some great music. You can always hit the terrace and dance all day and cheer to every plane that fly's over upon there entrance to the Island of Ibiza.

Ibiza GirlBora Bora Beach barFoam party

Totally free entrance all day and all night. Drinks however can get pricey, especially after 6pm.