In the north eastern corner of the island, and protected by a huge cliff to the north, lies another beautiful beach. Alongside, a relatively modern settlement has sprung up, enlarged by the development of modern tourism. Nonetheless a beautiful spot and encompassing some of the island’s oldest history.

In times gone by reed plantations reached right down to the sea and the area was one of the spots of most primitive beauty.

The cave was then a place of funeral rites to ensure safe passage to the after-life for the loved ones of the rugged island survivors. Her influence is still well recognized by those who have arrived on the island more recently, and survived – with Tanit’s blessing.

An extraordinary cave high above the village testifies to a local population in very ancient times. Called the Cova d’es Cuilleram, its contents prove occupation even prior to the arrival of the Greeks, when the island’s meagre population worshiped the goddess Tanit.