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Caves Can Marca

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Caves Can Marca - Puerto San Miguel - Ibiza

From the first viewpoint, there is a panoramic view over the whole of the bay of the Puerto San Miguel, also known as Puerto Balanzat, with the Murada island in the background. There is a unique species of muradensis lizard, with deep colours and prehistoric forms to be found here.

After following along a path cut of the rocks, one reaches the mouth of the cave, at a level of 12/14 metres above sea level, which is the starting point of the visit.

waterfall cave
The cave is over 100.000 years old. It was formed earth faults and has suffered ice ages and tropical heat waves. At the present time, it is almost fossilised, except for the deepest galleries, where the dripping still forms stalactites.

100.000 years old cave

The cavity known as Can Marça was discovered by smugglers, who used it for hiding their goods, hoisting them from the sea from an opening located at a height of 8/10 metres. It is still possible to see, to-day, the red or black paint marks signposting another way out in case of flight or emergency.


The geological forms are obvious from the wealthof the underground water courses, the cascades and water beds having been fossilised. san miguel
The contribution of the geologist-speleologist who have participated in the preparation of the cave has been to reproduce what exited in remote times, by artificially recovering the cascades and water courses of those times.

Green water
Bones ans fossils of extinct rodents have been found. These skeletons have been sent to the Natural History Museum to be catalogued and to enrich the prehistoric fauna of our old Mediterranean lands.





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