Ibiza Hotels - Country Hotel (10)

The swelling ranks of these charming, yet small and therefore individual, country hotels dates back to 1996 when Ibiza realized that there was demand for that 'other secret side of Ibiza' - away from the tourist resorts and their monster hotels.

At first the concept seemed slow to take off, but when you see what the owners and brainchildren of these finished products have put together you realize that many months, even years, have gone into creating the splendor and luxury that they now offer for one and all to enjoy.
Their satisfied customers are people who came to the island for peace and quiet with a large slice of scenic beauty out in the Ibiza country side. People preferring an active holiday to simply lounging on the beach. Discovering beautiful walks, exploring on mountain bike, indulging in water sports, tennis, golf etc.
These are the 'tourists' now visiting the island in growing numbers 'out of season' and joining we residents for what we consider to be the best part of the year - that sunny winter afternoon barbecue on a deserted beach or the climb back up from Atlantis which is virtually impossible throughout the heat of summer.

But if you have the misfortune (or luck) to book 'peak season', the owners won't prevent you from lounging on the beach or enjoying the throbbing heart of Ibiza town and the big night clubs which will never be more than half an hour away..

See the selection of our country hotels below.

Can Marquet

Santa Gertrudis

Buenavista Suites

Santa Eulalia

Can Gall

Santa Eulalia

Can Planells

San Miguel

Hotel Buenavista

Santa Eulalia

Xarc Country Hotel

Santa Eulalia

Can Partit

Santa Agnes

Can Sastre

San Rafeal

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