Just the word Ibiza catches peoples attention, so its no wonder that so many drink companies and brands use it in their markteting campaigns. But not only the word Ibiza has inspired peopel too produce drinks with the name but the Island has also produced some well known drinks. We have comipled alist of drinks associted with the Island of Ibiza. Some new some old but all have had inspiration from Ibiza

Beer of Ibiza

Islena – Beer of Ibiza

Called “Isleña, the Taste of Ibiza.”  Although the beverage is being bottled in Germany, it is made from barley grown here on the Island of Ibiza.

Initially 2.25 million bottles are being produced, and although it will initially only be sold on the island, the plan is to take it further afield in the very near future.  To begin with it will be produced in an aluminum bottle, with glass bottle production commencing next year.





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An Ibicencan aperitif , poured over ice with a slice of lemon and three drops of gin and you have a whole new taste with a catchy taste.

Palo is a spirit, basically extracted for the essnece of Quina Calisaya (Chinchona Calysaia), Genitiana (Gentiana Lutea), with the added addition of caramelized sugar.

Quina in Spain is plant, native to South America which was brought to Spain by the Countess of Chinchon in about 1632. It spread through Europe. Quina in Spain also goes by the name of Palo.





Frigola drinkFrígola

A traditional Ibizan drink usually taken after a meal alone or served with ice. A very herb taste.

This a traditional Ibizan drink taken after your meal alone or with ice. It has a strong herb taste and is made primarily from
Frígola is a spirit obtained basically from the extraction of essences of many various plants native to the area, mainly thyme (Thymus Vulgaris).

Founder Juan Marí Mayans, this alcoholic drink is the result of the tenacity of the Distilleries’ The enthusiasm of Juan Mari Mayans for aromatic plants in the middle of the last century, which led to the founding of Marí Mayans Distilleries some years later which was around1880.






Hierbas (pronounced yerra-bus) is a liqueur synonymous with the island and with the Ibizan people. Originally a peasant drink, with just about every family having their own differing and closely guarded recipes.

Hierbas has been around in one form or another for over two centuries. Tan-orange in color, the most distinctive elements of this drink are its smell and its aniseed taste, which comes from the herb anise.

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Yxaiio pheromones

Yxaiio pheromones – the aphrodisiac drink

Three years of development. experiments, tests, obstacles and failures. finally the breakthrough: the first aphrodisiac drink in the world is liquid reality. yet its Austrian creators Michael wlazny and wolfgang langreiter didn’t stop here. together they devised yet another world novelty, lifting the night experience to another dimension: smell jockeys (sjs) are at its center, spreading scents and pheromones. today, Yxaiio pheromones® is driven by this: the liberation of passion.

completes the four-dimensional experience. the spicy liquid pervades the body from within and unites with the external stimuli, tearing down the barriers of civilized restraint.







Ibiza IceIbiza Ice

New too the market this year 2009.This is a wine-based product with no spirit. Comes in two different flavors.

Sunset is a combination of sparkling white and rose wine lightly flavored with Peach, poured over crushed ice with a sprinkling of fruit an almost sangria type taste.

White Isle is poured over ice with a piece of fresh mint, the delicate hint of Lychee, the aroma of the Melon and Lemon all bringing your senses alive and refreshing you.