Essential Information on Ibiza


British Consulate Their aim is to do all that they can to help British people in difficulty abroad and, of course, to give advice on how to avoid trouble overseas even before you leave.

Visas Passport and visa requirements are liable to change at short notice. Travelers are advised to check their entry requirements with their embassy or consulate.

Money You have three main ways of getting your euros - ATM's or cash machines (which all banks have, as do most supermarkets and small towns), cashing travelers cheques, or,  exchanging your money inside a bank or at a bureau de change.

Finance At present there are many Banks and Financial Institutions throughout Europe, including the normal Spanish Banks, lending money for Residential and Commercial property purchase in Spain.

Banks If you plan on staying in Ibiza for longer than six months, you will probably need a euro bank account.

Residency The issue of residency in Spain is a complex one and you will come across many articles of conflicting information.

Insurance Some insurance companies for your holiday and traveling.

Telephone numbers

Emergency Telephone numbers

Ibicenco langauge The indigenous language in Ibiza is Ibicenco.  The first record of habitation was that of the Phoenicians in around 1650.

Post services The postal service is generally good and has the same type of services as the UK you can send letters registered/signed for express delivery etc.

Printing Service We offer superior design, print, packaging and distribution. We understand that your image is on the line every time a customer turns the page, opens a brochure or hands out a business card.

Mobile Phones A greater danger is the pitfall of using your UK phone to call your UK friend who is also in Ibiza with a UK phone.  First, your call charge will be the international rate from Ibiza to UK.

Your Car If you require a car in Ibiza, you may wish to drive your car over from the UK. Ferries are from Barcelona/Valencia/Denia.  You may drive it, but are required to register your vehicle in Spain after six months, as you would then be classed as a resident of Spain.

Licenses For Spanish residents/EU citizens: Your driving licence from your original country remains acceptable until its normal expiry date then you must renew it with a Spanish one.

Driving in Spain When driving in Ibiza, or anywhere in Europe for that matter, the most fundamental difference from the UK is that you must DRIVE ON THE RIGHT!!! 

Traveling to ibiza by car - Complete guide.

Sky TV Due to the nature of satellites, properties even a few hundred metres apart may be able to receive different channels, so you cannot always rely on what size dish your neighbor has installed.