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Location location this has to be the most beautiful island's in the Mediterranean upon which to establish a home. Over 70 beaches within an hours drive of your front doorstep, hundreds of fine restaurants in equal proximity, beautiful countryside and a friendly population have made the island irresistible to thousands of people from northern Europe and further afield. In fact almost a quarter of the resident population nowadays are 'extranjeros' (not of Spanish nationality), which is as near as you can get to a true model of the 'global village'.

Oddly, though, there is not much work to be found on Ibiza', and what there is doesn't pay very well, which gives another clue to the phenomenal strength of the Ibiza property market - most of the buyers have already made their money elsewhere and have 'chosen' to retire to this paradise rock in the middle of the Med.

Property prices on Ibiza are second only to those in central Madrid (Spain's capital city) for all of the good reasons listed above and more...


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