Es Vedra – Mystical Rock, Ibiza

This is not a village or monument, it is however extremely popular and impossible to ignore – this is a symbol of Ibiza and one of the island’s mythical magical places which ‘has to be seen to be believed’. Es Vedra is an imposing rock, 400 meters high, and with almost vertical sides. The rock is made out of limestone and it’s not just one rock there are actually two rocks which you can see in the photos, one being the main Es Vedra and the other is Es Vedranell which is 128 meters high.

Es Vedra Sunset

View of Es Vedra from the Pirate TowerTower & Es vedra




It is best admired from the beautiful little bay of Cala d’Hort from where it appears to be within swimming distance. In fact it’s nearly 3 kilometers out to sea which is why the resident goats and rats don’t travel much. You can also trek up to the pirate tower ‘Torre de Savinar’ for some spectacular views.

The rock sits just of the coast of Cala D’Hort beach which is in the South West part of the Island. At most places around the South West coast you will see the large rock out at sea. You will see some marked locations on the map below for the best places to see it. The autumn and winter months on Ibiza which are starts late October and runs into March the sun goes down just behind the rock which makes it a great photography subject. During the summer the sun sets further to the South, so from the angle it can be viewed from it will appear on the right side of the rock.

Myths and Legends

Es Vedra from the hillsThe mythical tales surrounding this little island extend even as far as sirens and Argonauts. The history of the Island which dates back many thousands of years has stories told that the sirens and sea-nymphs lived on and around the rock.

The Tanit which was the Phoenician lunar goddess who was worshiped as Patron Goddess knew the Island as a holy island. It was said that sacrifices took place on the shores of the Island during the full moons to honour her. Other stories tell of two brothers who cured there farther with a special rock samphire from the Island. But in order to get the samphire they had to defeat the huge giant who lived on the Island on one of the many caves. Known as the ‘Es Vedra Giant’, they achieved this and were able to collect the rock samphire and cure there farther.

Es vedra


There are no villages or homes on Es Vedra although few the decades many people have said to have seen UFO’s over the rock. There are many people who believe that there is a secret base under the sea near Es Vedra. The famous case which was near Es Vedra was the ‘Caso Manises’, one of the classic events in the history of Spanish ufology, occurred on 11 November 1979. An airplane ‘Super Caravelle’ TAE company, with 109 passengers on board en route Palma de Mallorca, Tenerife, made ​​an emergency landing at our airport after being “followed” or “chased” by a UFO, a flying object who has never been identified. If you have good Spanish you can listen to the video below of the conversations of the pilots as they fly over the Island of Ibiza.

Video :

Facts about this little rock :

Unexplained reasons the compasses go crazy around the rock of Es Vedra.

Goats, Lizards and a rare species of bird called the Falcon Eleonorae which breed on the rock.

When looking from the coast of Ibiza, the two rocks look like a women lying down.

Spiritual and Inspirational

Mike OldfieldThe rock for many people has become a place for inspiration, meditation and spiritual dwellings a place to connect to the cosmos and experience amazing powers. There is said to be a strong conscious energy around the rock.

A movie was made in 1958 called South Pacific which featured the Es Vedra rock.

Mike Oldfield famous for the music Tubular Bells used Es Vedra for the cover of his album ‘Voyager’. Mike Oldfield lived on Ibiza for many years and got a lot of inspiration for his albums from Ibiza and possibly the Es Vedra.

Location of Es Vedra Rock and best spots to see it