Formentera, Jewel of the Mediterranean

Formentera, jewel of the MediterraneanConsidered to be a jewel in the Mediterranean and the last paradise Island in Europe with white sandy beaches and turquoise waters that you imagine has paradise or something similar to the Hawaii or the Caribbean the Island of Formentera is a paradise Island in Europe a pure pleasure to visit.

Part of the Islas Baleares an archipelago also known as the Pitiusas (Pine Islands) which is a cluster of over 50 Islands, Formentera sits South West of Mallorca and just of the coast of Ibiza. The Island of Formentera is only 32 square miles and is 12 miles (19 Kilometres) long from East to West coast.

The Island of Formentera has progresses a lot slower than its sister Island Ibiza and life is simpler here with its inhabitants and tourists happy to keep it that way. The most popular form of transport on the Island is cycling, with its many cycle paths; Formentera has encouraged the tourists that visit the Island to hire bicycles.The Island is very natural and peaceful place and this is what most people who visit this Island look for. Formentera has a natural beauty and with its crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches, unspoiled landscapes and deep blue skies it’s a real true paradise only a few hours away from most of Europe.
The Governments of Spain and the Balearics have made most of Formentera a National Park to aid the protection against construction work and forming a strict control over developments on the Island. This is helping keep the awareness of its eco-friendly credentials that it has earned over the decades.

Getting here

Formentera Island does not have an airport and relies on Ibiza as its main air connection to Europe. So getting to Formentera will require a flight from whatever part of the world you are coming from to Ibiza and then a taxi ride to the main port of Ibiza. From then on you can take one of the many ferries to the Island of Formentera. It’s about a 25 minute boat ride using the new Jet boat or using the standard ferry around 40 minutes.

Map of Formentera