Guarana Night Club, Santa Eulalia, Ibiza

Guarana is a night club in Santa Eulalia, one of the most successful nights clubs in the town which stays open nearly all year round, entertaining the residents of the Island during the winter months and the tourists of the Island during the busy nights of the summer. Guarana is located in the main marina of Santa Eulalia and consists of a small bar with terrace on the outside and then into a sound proof building is the main dance floor, DJ booth and large bar area. The right side of the bar is a small stage where live bands often play. Opposite the bar is a DJ booth where many well known and guest DJ's play there tunes. The atmosphere in Guarana is always a party atmosphere on the inside with a more chilled out feel on the outside terrace.

Terrace cocktail bar and dance club with guest DJ's and live bands.

Guarana night club has established it self as the number one club in Santa Eulalia. As Santa Eulalia is not well known for nightlife and that the town is mainly a locals town and extremely quiet. Santa Eulalia has always been strict on its music levels, this is the reason that Guarana have a sound proofed premises so that can stay open to the early hours of the morning. Guarana is also the pre-bar for most the locals on the East side of the Island before they head West to the big clubs for a night-out. This also attracts

Live Music & Dj's

Guarana night club features live music and guest DJ's through out the year. You always find some interesting music at the club. Guarana has featured hundreds of differant musicians from all over the world. As for DJ's , Guarana has its resident DJ's and always welcome's guest DJ's. So whatever night you visit the club you can expect something differant and entertaining in the way of music.