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In today's busy world when no one has the time and energy to take care of their body and mind, spas have become very popular. There is a need to relax and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit, so that after some hectic time, you bounce back to life and enjoy to the fullest. So the 'Spas 'or 'the Wellness Centers' have become extremely popular these days. This boom in the demand for Spas can be seen in the laid back island of Ibiza too. Life nowadays is stressful and the need for relaxation and tender care has become important.

Ibiza is a small island on the laps of the Mediterranean Sea. It abounds in natural beauty, surrounded by hills, cliffs and pine trees. The beauty of the place is a visual treat and when a holiday here is supplemented with a complete regime of health and beauty care, you take back memories to last for a lifetime. There are many hotels offering such services where you can pamper and energize yourself and enjoy the feeling of wellbeing.

The Spa and Wellness centres in Ibiza include treatments that have been followed since the ancient times. Yoga, Pilates, Reiki, massage, Kunyo, aromatherapy, crystal therapy, acupressure, acupuncture, conventional sauna, Hammam (Turkish bath), Jacuzzi, Solariums and swimming pools are the common treatments of the oriental origin. There are yoga experts on the island who can advise the appropriate exercises for you. The masseurs here come from different countries like Thailand, Sweden and such countries. All wellness treatments are conducted by experts in the respective forms which exude a positive energy.

Then there are some inventive forms of treatments, massages, scrubs, peeling and wraps like wine physiotherapy, roman steam bath, therapy, coffee therapy, chocolate therapy, sugar and papaya scrubs, meditation and alternative therapies and much more is being constantly added to this ever growing list. Sometimes nutritional and dietary advises are also given.

Moreover there are treatments using ethereal oils and herbal extracts and cosmetic treatments too, like Fango which originated in Italy to detoxify the body and in turn reduce cellulite and arthritis.

Ibiza has many world class establishments which provide these beauty and wellness holidays or breaks. The ever growing market for such treatments has brought some remarkable innovations and improvements.

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