This page is for the hotelier to run and control the hotel bookings, prices and availability on

You can manage your bookings, room type, meal type and prices as well as availability from the Back Office Admin.

To login to your Admin section for your hotel or apartment, please visit this link:

Enter Your User ID: *******

Enter Your Password: ******

Once you have logged in, you will see a menu:

1. Bookings: The first menu will give you a detailed account of all your bookings. You can search the bookings via dates or card number or booking ID.

2. Facilities: Here you will need to add the facilities which are being provided by your accommodation.

3. Calendar: please pick the months for which the hotel will remain open

4. Room Type: Just add the room types your hotel will have for the 2013 season. You will also add number of persons and extra bed charges here

5. Rooms: Enter the number of rooms you have available here

6. Price: You can easily modify the prices here

7. Price Range: Just add your price range here and the prices will be filled automatically for you

8. Offers: Got special offers? Add them here.

9. Meal: Your meal types will go here

10. Min Stay : requirements are added here

11 Logout

Once all the details are entered the booking system becomes active on your page on , if you do not have a page yet please contact us and we will setup your page with booking system.

For eg:

The Book button will now take you directly to your booking page.