View from Ibiza Town

Ibiza Holiday Island

Ibiza today has got it all for everyone to make a great Ibiza Holiday. Ibiza has hotels, it has beaches, it has clubs, and this makes it no different from any other Island around the world. Well the one thing Ibiza has is that very close connection to Europe, for the last few decades you can reach the Island within a few hours from almost any large city in Europe. This hasn’t changed much apart from few large flight companies disappearing and re-appearing with new routes and cheaper prices. You can get to the Island very easily during the summer and this is one reason why Ibiza has become a top destination. A small Island with beaches and great nightlife just a couple of hours away by flight from most major European countries including Britain.

Ibiza is the Island that is in every teenagers dream to visit. And in most cases there dream comes true breaking away from their parents or traveling with to visit the well know party capital of the world. The Island hosts some super night clubs, which produce a nightlife scene that has some of the hottest sights and sounds on the planet, like no other place in the world Ibiza has a party atmosphere that is second to none. Ibiza lives up to its promise each season bringing some of the best DJ’s to some of the hottest dance floors the Island has to offer.

Cala Llonga Bay

Remembering this is an Island so its surrounded by small coves and beaches and of course Ibiza has a great climate during the summer with temperatures reaching well into the high 30’s, mix the two together and you have another reason that Ibiza is a top destination. The Island has more than just the beaches and clubs, great food, chill-out bars like the famous Café Del Mar and Mambo. Ibiza has great markets and shops and hosts one of the oldest working towns in the world which is Ibiza town.

Activities on the Island have increased with a huge selection of adventure sports like quad bikes, mountain biking, scuba diving, golf and an abundance of water sports. Ibiza is surrounded by water therefore most of the beaches offer water sports like windsurfing, water skiing and even jet ski bikes can be rented. Another new trend on the Island is fast speed boat tours, an exciting ride on a speed boat around some of the bays. Great fun and something you will want to do again and again. Ibiza is a great outdoor place for exploring and trekking some parts of the Islands can lead you some interesting places like the pirate towers that are located all-round the Island or even a trek down to Atlantis the mystical place where the stones were carved for the old town of Ibiza.

Pirate Tower

The Island has a very interesting history which dates back to the Phoenicians who settled on the Islands back in 654 B.C. and then over time the Island has been ruled by the Romans and many more which gives the Island a whole range of historic places, artifacts and stories. Most of this has been documented and placed in the many museums on the Island.

Coming away from history to some of today’s popular and more relaxing things to do, the Island still has people who don’t want clubbing, and adventurous activities, they are looking for the relaxing side of the Island. This is where quiet beaches and secluded bays come in, or even a boat ride across to the sister Island Formetera. For many who are looking to relax spiritually, Yoga classes can be found in quite a few places and healing retreats are on the up across the Island. Spas for a complete day of pampering including massage and many other therapies can also be found in many places around the Island including a lot of the major hotels who have taken on the trend and installed spa facilities.

Ibiza has something for everyone and we’ve only mentioned a few of the attractions, places and activities. So you can see that Ibiza can be a perfect holiday for anybody any age. Ibiza will not disappoint.