Ibiza Town

The capital of the island and originally the only place big enough to be described as a town. As you approach the island for the first time by sea, it is an appropriate and stunning introduction to the Pandora’s Box that is Ibiza. Built on a promontary jutting out into the sea, the old walled city looks spectacular overlooking the bulk of the East coast of the island from the square outside the cathedral which crowns the city. The silhouette of the city and the cathedral at the top are recognised globally as icons of the island.

The Carthaginians began building here in the 7th Century. By the time the Romans took over the baton there were city walls and what passed for solid buildings. In later years North African piracy during the 16th Century created the need for new bastioned walls which still stand. The ‘lookie-lookie men’ still patrol anywhere that’s busy, offering their spoils at ‘Asda prices’.

Within the walls a picturesque maze of tortuous streets exists, built long before any thought of motor cars and therefore only accessible on foot – and it’s a long, uphill all the way. Between the walls and the port lies the area known as ‘Sa Penya’. This old fisherman’s quarter seethes with life.

The nearer to the city walls, the narrower and more tortuous the streets become. The area literally buzzes with life during the summer as the busiest bars, restaurants and shops all seem to be in this pretty and accessible area, but come on foot. The main town square and centre of town is the nearby Paseo de Vara de Rey.

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Ibiza Town festival day with firework display.
August 8th

Lots of banks in Ibiza town
Most Banks are open from 9am to 2pm Monday to Friday

Biggest Post office of the island is in Eivissa, lots of post boxes!

Petrol Stations
Last count there was 6 petrol stations around Ibiza town..
Petrol is sold as Super, Sin Plomo 95 and 98 (unleaded) and Gasoil (diesel). Most service stations are open from 07.00 to 23.00, although there are some which open 24 hours a day

Hospitals and Lots of medical centers situated around Ibiza town.
All chemist’s shops display a large green cross outside (Farmacias). They are open usually between 09.30 to 13.30 and 17.00 to 21.00..
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