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Welcome to the 'Map cupboard'. (Every house has one - a little corner where maps get stored, often alongside photo albums or buff envelopes containing birth and marriage certificates)
Maps generally serve a useful purpose to people who tend to stray further than a days walk from their home. If you can walk there within a day or less then during the course of a lifetime, spent living in the same place, you won't have much call for a map? And so it was for the people of Ibiza until the 1960's - when other people started turning up who didn't know their way around and kept asking for directions. Until very recently there weren't many roads, so giving directions was easy - "Go to Ibiza town then take the other road - it goes to San Antonio". The complex web of dirt roads that serve every tiny corner of Ibiza were too rough for anything but the most fearless mule and a rugged cart. Those that knew them had spent their entire lives trudging over them under the midday sun, or rattling past on a cart, over their unforgiving bumps....

So why did we bother with a 'Map cupboard'? Ibiza is no longer able to hide from the 21st century as witnessed by its inclusion in the monster best known as the European Union. However, in best Ibiza tradition as a pirate island, 'we' have managed to secure huge financial investment from the EU to improve the infrastructure of the island. To you and me this means lots more new roads and a massive expansion of our airport - for the two months of the year when you'll ever bump into anybody else there.
However, all of this has caused enormous consternation to the Ibicencos as they are very partial to retaining ownership of their bit of land. The old saying that "They don't make land any more" never rang truer than on an inhospitable island where you can see the unclaimable sea in every direction?

To then lose a slice of their land, even the family finca in some cases, in order to create an unnecessary motorway has already provoked a quarter of the island's residents to sign petitions against this 'progress'.
The problem is that if the authorities don't spend the money on these motor ways, they'll have to give it back to the EU... Anyway I digress, the point is that a majority of the old inaccessible dirt roads have also been tarmaced in the background of the political battlefield. It has become worthwhile for those of us who don't yet call Ibiza 'home' to be supplied with a map to all of those lovely, previously inaccessible bits of what used to be a secret paradise So here's the 'Map cupboard'...

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Ibiza Town   Ibiza Town
Cala Llonga Cala Llonga
Puerto De San Miguel San Miguel
Roca Llisa Roca Llisa
Cala San Vicente

Cala San Vicente

San Antonio   San Antonio
Santa Eulalia Santa Eulalia
San Jose  San Jose
San Carlos San Carlos
Santa Gertruidis Santa Gertrudis
San Antonio Bay   San Antonio Bay
San Miguel San Miguel
Es Cana  Es Cana
Portinatx Portinatx
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