Towns, Resorts & Villages on Ibiza

To those who have never seen the island it can seem very small compared to it's international reputation and renown. It's actually impossible to drive in any one direction for much more than half an hour without arriving back at the sea, albeit on the other side of the island.

Similarly, the centres of population are also small. None are large enough to be called a city and only three large enough to claim to be towns. Many of the others listed are little more than a small collection of houses, or completely close down throughout the Winter.

However, on the basis that many of the best things in life come in small packages, we've included them anyway and to pad things out a bit we've even included a large rock called Es Vedra where nobody lives! If you would like to use this map on your site for free click here


Balearic island Ibiza Las Salinas San Jose Sant Agustin San Antonio San Antonio Bay San Rafeal Santa Gertrudis Santa Agnes San Miguel Portinatx San Juan Cala San Vicente San Carlos Es Canar SArgamassa Santa Eulalia Cala Llonga Jesus Talamanca Ibiza Town Playa Den Bossa San Lorenzo Es Vedra Es Cubells


Cala Llonga

Cala San Vicente

Es Cana

Playa Den Bossa

San Antonio

San Antonio Bay


Puerto De San Miguel

Villages & Towns

Santa Eulalia

Santa Gertrudis

San Carlos

San Rafeal

San Jose

San Miguel

Ibiza Town