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Living on Ibiza is an art form. With no information, friends or grasp of the language it can be very difficult - unless your filthy rich. On the other hand, if you have seriously useful skills and an ability to put yourself about, without treading on other people's toes - the keys to paradise are at your disposal.

Essential skills might be best summarized as: a willingness to clean or paint other people's houses, the possesion of 'green fingers' for the house's gardens, digging holes in the road or working in a bar.

If you're filthy rich all you have to remember is that 'in order to make a small fortune in Ibiza you need to bring a big one...!.

In the meantime we provide other bits of information that might prove useful to you - or failing that to the multi-national charitable organizations featured - which summarize the prerequisites for 'Living in Ibiza'. You are now entering the pilot scheme for an integrated Europe - maybe even the blueprint for the global village? Here are some local businesses and services based on the Island.


Lawyer Services

Terravita Gardens

Santa Eulalia

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