Ibiza Private Islands



There are around five or six Islands around Ibiza that we can mention and can be declared private Islands. The first one is Es Vedra which is a 400 meter high rock in the South part of Island which can be seen very well from the beach Cala D'Hort. Nobody live's there apart from a few wild goats.

The second Island is Isla de Conillera which can be seen from San Antonio bay. This Island has nothing on it apart from a small light house to guide boats.

The third Island which has a small road attachment to it so you can drive to, it is in Puerto De San Miguel, this Island is privately owned and has a large villa built on it. The villa is rented out during the summer months for a very high price and usually has very exclusive people stay there.

Ibiza Private Island
The fourth Island on the Santa Eulalia side is an Island called Tagomago.Apart from Formentera this is the largest Island located just of the coast of Ibiza. It used have a small beach bar restaurant which now has been changed to a small marina for the large villa that has been built on the Island. This villa is also rented out during the summer months at a very high price. The Island also has a large lighthouse to guide boats.

Tagomago is a private owned Island on the East coast of Ibiza.


The fifth Island is the Santa Eulalia Island this is a very small Island and has nothing on it but small shrubs.

There are more Island on the way to the sister Island Formentera, these are all very small and have no buildings on them,