San Lorenzo (Sant Llorneç de Balàfia) is near an ancient Moorish settlement between Santa Eulalia and Santa Gertrudis dominated by its imposing church and a few surrounding watch towers. The village is one of the smallest villages in the North part of Ibiza. The village is under the municipality of San Juan. The church which was built in the 18th century is built on a highest point of the village. There are a few houses here, but a bar and restaurant serves as the best excuses to stop, as does the rather lovely picnic and barbecue area above the hamlet. This unusual arrangement is popular with locals as a spot where you can turn up with your own food and drink, and find everything else laid on by the local authorities. We’re talking everything from ready built barbecues to dry wood and covered eating areas replete with rustic tables and benches. You won’t believe the amenities until you stumble across this unique facility.

The village of San Lorenzo has some historic architecture which is the traditional Ibizan style. The village is built around the church with historic pirate towers which were builit to protect the villagers from attacks. Font de Balàfia which is a traditional fountain that is part of the Balafia village where they do the folk dances that take place during the once a year fiesta on the 10th of August. San Lorenzo is a quite a flat area and has many fields surrounding it of lemon trees and orange trees. Another noticeable thing is the long road to San Lorenzo from the San Juan road is one very straight road an sort of tells you a lot about the area as being very open and flat. Although there is a slight accent towards the town because its kind of built on a side of a hill. But the views from the town are towards very open fields.

You will not find much here in the way of banks, post offices and everything else you normally get in a small village. It’s a village that hasn’t really grown over the years and is more of an historical place than a village.

San Lorenzo Fiesta Video

 Location of San Lorenzo on Ibiza