Ibiza Shopping

There are a bewildering array of high quality shops on Ibiza serving the tastes and requirements of a fastidious international community. The fashion industry is a case in point - thriving with local designers. Many of these, wielding their needles and thread, have followed the artistic community with their brushes and easel to the island from elsewhere in the world. Attracted by the freedom of expression and tolerance of experimentation, for which the island is rightly renowned. Ibiza town apparently has the greatest concentration of boutiques in one small area than anywhere else in the world.
Here we list a few of those that might be considered to be 'special' and worthy of a visit. We include a range of other shops too that you might find useful when it comes to selecting that perfect gift for the unfortunates you left behind when you came away for your holiday. These include places to find the appropriate tunes, perfumes, sunglasses, hairdressers, a suntan when the clouds turn up, typical Ibiza beverages, ceramics for the older generation - or perhaps some seduction fashion or sex toys from the very unique Bedroom in the La Marina district of Ibiza?

Arroz Bambu

Santa Eulalia Asian Supermarket

Can Miquel Guasch

Can Miquel Guasch Olive Oil

Clapes Perfumes

Santa Eulalia


Nautical services Ibiza

Optica La Mar


Terravita Gardens

Santa Eulalia

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