Chill-out – Best place to see the sunset

Ibiza has one of the best sunsets you will ever see in Europe if not the world. Because we are also on an Island we have a clear view of the Sun setting into the sea, so unless you live on a West coast its not something you see everyday.

Ibiza has no big industry or polluting factories and so here in the Med we tend to have very clear skies.

The Sun always rises exactly East and sets exactly West on two days: March 21 and September 21 which are the two equinoxes. Its a little complicated to explain the other degrees over the months, so the graphs below should help you and give a rough guide and idea where the sunrises and where the sunsets where ever you are on the Island.

Sunset Graph 1

July to December sunset locations

You would be able to see a sunset into the sea from anywhere on the North West part of the Island from around April up to around September. South East part of the Island becomes the best place during the winter months. Places in the North part of the Island lose the sun setting into the sea view around September time, although this does depend on your altitude. If you were on a boat near the North part of the Island you would probably would see the sun set into the sea.

Sunset Graph 2

January to June sunset locations

Bars & Cafes

The West side of the coast has the largest tourist resort on the Island San Antonio and this is one of the reasons why so many Chillout cafes and bars are dotted along the West side of the coast. which host some of the most famous sunset cafes in Europe like the famous Cafe Del Mar, Mambo and Kumharas.

Sunset Strip

The sunset strip started with the famous Cafe Del Mar, where you would chillout and watch the sun go down to some cool and relaxing chillout music, 100’s of CD’s later the sun strip now consists of over ten bars and cafes to watch the sunset.

Sunset an sunrise times

See all the times for the yearly sunrises and sunsets, no the exact time of sunset! Sunset Times

Best and most attractive place for a sunset on Ibiza

Es Vedra , Benirras , y, on a boat returning from Formentera, Atalaya, Salinas Salt flats , San Antonio and San Antonio Bay either Kumharas or at the Sunset Strip.

Benirras Sunset photo

Benirras Sunset photos

Photographing the Sunset

Everyone loves photographing the sun and its the first thing you will do when you see an Ibiza sunset. You must remember your eyes when taking a photo of the sun. Staring at the sun can cause eye damage and staring through the lens of your camera with the naked eye is also very dangerous for your eyes. The magnifier will increase the suns rays. For long lenses you must avoid looking through the viewfinder when the sun is in veiw.

Disclaimer: recommends that readers must remember to be sensible when photographing sunrises or sunsets. You the reader are responsible for your own actions when it comes to taking photos of the sun. If you suffer from any eye problems from the sun its best to seek advice from a doctor or specialist.