There will be another one arriving later…

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Full Moon that is….  last Wednesday the 2nd saw the Moon become full in Gemini as it  opposed the Sun in Sagittarius.  This was all about thoughts and communications, the challenges of missing the point, mis-information and so on.

The New Moon in Sagittarius sweeps in like a new broom on the 16th brushing  away all the chaff from thoughts and communications….. By Jupiter you’d better get it ship-shape, house in order, clear as a bell or the big bad ‘Wolf’ Full Moon in Cancer on the 31st will get you!!  Gently does it, feelings are fragile and the wrong word could elicit a biting response!

The Moon will be full at 10 degrees Cancer, at around 21.14 hrs on New Years Eve and very significantly will be partially eclipsed by the Earth less than three hours before the Calendar New Year welcomes 2010.  This eclipse is the last of the four in 2009, and the Cardinal nature of Cancer, and Capricorn in which the Sun lies, supports the emotional Moon as it looks to cross the road to find a fight, rather than avoid one.  Don’t forget that eclipses are energy points, so if your birthday is around the 15th of June when the Sun is at 10 degrees Cancer, you may well feel the effect.