Ibiza Tours & Exciting Excursions

Do you think you know Ibiza? Well some of these tours will show you a new side to this little Island, Ibiza has some magical and mystical places for you to discover. Using the powers of nature or the power of an engine you can put yourself to the test with some extreme sporting excursions. We have a selection of great tours for you to experience and all the time seeing new parts of the Island. Capture some of the real Ibiza and its fascinating nature. All the tours are run by people who know and love the Island of Ibiza. If you enjoy the water then a selection of tours explore the waters around the Islands. If you’re a land lover, then there is also a great selection of land tours like Jeep safari and off Road Mountain biking. Whatever your enjoyment and whatever your taste we have a tour for you.

Citroën 2CV Hippy tour

Send your self-back 20 years and drive around the Island of Ibiza in a vintage Citroën 2CV, better known as ‘Ducks’.

Mountain Bike Tour

A tour on a bicycle is getting touch with your surroundings and you could not be in a better place than Ibiza, with excellent climate and good conditions to discover the Islands beauty with a tour on a mountain bike.

Quad Tour

Ride an all-terrain vehicle (ATV/Quad) with Global Star Events. This tour you will find yourself on a powerful Quad bike with tour through the North or South parts of the Island of Ibiza.

Scooter Tour

A tour on a scooter around Ibiza, but this is not just a regular tour. This tour offers a something different besides seeing some of the Island.

Ibiza Horse Valley

The Valley of Horses is a unique place on Ibiza. Its situated on the North side of the Island, in the natural park of Es Murta ; A place where horses can live wild and free in a canyon spanning 70 hectares.

Ibiza Tour Salt and Mystery

Departure from the hotel or meeting point with our guides by bus. We begin our tour at the defence tower of Sal Rossa and try to make out pirate ships who want to steal the salt of Ibiza. In addition we will have a spectacular panoramic view of the southern part of the island including Formentera.

Ibiza Tour of Cultures

This tour takes you on tour of the centuries and cultures showing you the parts of the old town Ibiza (Dalt Villa) that had been developed by the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Visigoths, Arabs, Catalans, Pirates and Corsairs.

Ibiza Tour of the North

This tour will show some of the original rural Ibiza, taking you to some exotic landscapes full of cliffs, beautiful farm lands with almond trees, carob trees and olive trees you will also be taken to valleys, beautiful coastal bays, old pirate watch towers and villages with fortified churches, spectacular panoramic views, the tour also includes a cave sanctuary and a natural cave and visit to a wine growing farm.

Ibiza Tour of the Ages

This tour will take you to the impressive old castle on the hill of the old town Ibiza. A tour of the monuments of history you will explore the four of the seven bastions of the fortified enclosure, the Bastion of San Jordi, the Bastion of San Berant, the Bastion of San Jaume and the Bastion of San San Pere.

Ibiza Traditions and Handicraft tour

This tour will take you on a journey to some of the old workings of Ibiza, on this tour you will see a restored windmill, ceramics, folk dances, musical instruments, churches, pirate watch towers, gastronomy, wineries, herb liqueurs and a stroll through the natural lifestyle of Ibiza.

Tour of Charming Nature in Formentera

This tour takes you on adventure across crystal clear seas to the island of Formentera.See turquoise waters and witness the friendly people that live on the Island, this Island is the last jewel and paradise in the Mediterranean

Ibiza Treasures Tour

This tour you will discover the real treasures of the Island of Ibiza. The Island of Ibiza was declared by UNESCO a Ibiza World Heritage Site for its biodiversity and culture in 1999.

Individual Tours of Ibiza

On your own, accompanied, in groups half day, full day on foot, by bus, car or by boat you will see some great history, architecture, churches unique beaches, nature, walks famous Ibiza sites, scenic spots, a gastronomic tour, wine, art mystery.

Six seawater symphonies Tour

A large natural spa, six types of sea water, six temperatures, six sea beds, six textures, six decorations, six colors, six feelings, six emotions and you will practice natural Thalasso therapy with us.

Ibiza Pathfinder Tour

This tour is about trekking and walking some of the most beautiful natural areas around Ibiza. Paths, trails, lanes, circuits traces, footprints, tracks, boots nature, villages, cliffs springs, wells, caves, kilns history, essence, natural treasures fields, flowers, flavors, special light images of Mediterranean landscape north, south, east and west trails for adventure discover them walking.

Ibiza Navigation Tour

This tour takes you on a tour of the seas around the Island of Ibiza. Feel the sea breeze sailing in the crystalline waters of the Islands .Special coves, beautiful and unique majestic cliffs virgin corners, natural harbors live one day as a sailor a different and charming way to see the Pityuses all aboard we set sail.

Catamaran Tour

A large catamaran designed to hold from 100 up to 140 people that do trips to nearby Islands Formentera and Es Palmador.