Getting Around in Ibiza

Transport around the Island of Ibiza

Getting around on Ibiza is as easy as many other places around the world, the island has taxis, buses, car rental shops, scooter hire, bicycle hire and even quad bikes can be hired on Ibiza. So overall if you need to get from A to B then Ibiza has the options to use.

Car Hire

You can make things very easy for your Ibiza holiday by renting a car online and having it waiting for you once you arrive at the airport. Renting a car online before arriving to the Island not only gives you a chance seek out a bargain rent a car, but it adds the convenience of your arrival in the airport and allows to get to your booked accommodation smoothly. Then during your holiday you have the freedom to go anywhere anytime.See Car hire


If you’re not renting a car or scooter you will only have the choice of using the public transport system. Ibiza has a fairly good bus system with air-conditioned buses that are comfortable and very reasonable prices. Buses run between each resort and villages daily there are half hour connections between all the main resorts and villages and a few of the popular beach resorts. The bus service starts at 7am and finishes at 10 pm during the summer months. The winter months the times change and fewer buses are running. The Disco bus takes care of the night travellers which starts at midnight and runs until 6am in the morning. The drawback is they only stop at the resort stops and villages and will not take you directly to your destination. So those hard to get to beaches will become out of reach with a bus.


Taxis are a great way to travel from A to B when there are 3 or 4 persons, it works outs quite economical and a taxi is always fast, reliable, comfortable and clean. Taxis can be called anytime night or day. The taxis on Ibiza have a light on the top of the car, if it’s red with a number it means the taxi is occupied. Green light means the taxi is free to be waved down and boarded. The prices of taxis on Ibiza are set by the Balearic Government and each taxi has a meter. They will always use a meter and if you think you are being charged unfairly you can ask for receipt from the taxi driver to take you matters further. The taxi service is generally non corrupt and very fair, unlike taxi services in Asia.

Radio Taxi Ibiza 971 398 483
Taxi Airport 971 395 481
Radio Taxi San Antonio 971 34 37 64
Taxi Stop Santa Eulalia 971 333 033

Taxis in Ibiza charge by the meter, please see below for more information:

Inner Town Fares (i.e. pick up and drop off in the same town)

Min fare during the Day 1.90€

Min fare at Night (21.00-06:00) 2.80€

Plus 0.82 cents per km Day 6:00h - 21:00h

Plus 1.02€ per km Night 21:00h - 6:00h

Waiting time 15€ per hour

Supplement from the Airport or Port: 1,40€

Outer Town Fares (i.e. drop off outside of pick up town)

Min fare during the Day 2.80€

Min fare at Night (21.00-06.00) 4.60€

Plus 0.80 cents per km

Waiting time 15€ per hour

Supplement from the Airport or Port 1.40€

Taxi Fare Supplements

Luggage is free

3€ for Dogs

3.82€ booking via telephone


Another way of getting from A to B on the Island of Ibiza is using the local ferry services that take you from one bay to another. Some of the main resorts have daily ferry services to other villages and resorts. Example being a ferry from Es Cana to Santa Eulalia and one from Santa Eulalia to either Cala Llonga or the main town of Ibiza. This is an enjoyable way to travel and you get to see the Island from a boat which makes an interesting day out.