Cool Water Sports to do on Ibiza

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Ibiza the Party Island, the Island full of fun and great activities for all walks of life. The next big reason why people visit the Island is to live the party lifestyle and then chill out on the beach the next day. This is extremely popular and has always been the way to do things when visiting Ibiza. But the Island is offering a lot more options for those who want a little bit more from Ibiza. Ibiza has a wide selection of activities to enjoy and this can make you holiday on Ibiza even more a great experience.

Renting a car or scooter on Ibiza is one of the main things that every holiday maker should do, to see more of the Island and its natural beauty and get to see some of those secluded beaches and hidden coves. The Island has an abundance of villages, churches and sightseeing attractions all over the Island, which makes hiring transport so important to see more of the Island.

For those who prefer to see things from another angle that being the sea. There are plenty of boat trips to get you from one town to the next by using the local ferry services. Another great experience is fast speed boat rides that operate in some of the major tourist resorts like San Antonio and Playa Den Bossa. Get on board a super-fast speed boat strapped in with a seat belt and the pilot does some very fast manoeuvres across the water. A great fun ride and well worth doing.

Scuba Diving

Another hot trend is learning to scuba dive. Scuba diving is an easy sport to learn and the easiest way to get into another atmosphere without using a rocket to space. Taking your first breathes of air underwater and learning the basics of scuba diving will allow you the added benefits of being able to explore a new world beneath the sea. A qualified instructor will guide you through every part of the learning process to breath and swim underwater with the scuba diving equipment. Once you have these basic skills you are already on your way of being able to scuba dive anywhere in the world. The first diving course is Discover Scuba Diving which is a course known throughout the world and specially designed and recognized by PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors). This course is the launch pad for you to take more diving courses. Most people normally do Discover Scuba Diving and begin to enjoy it and take the next course level which is Open water Diver will allow you to dive anywhere in the world, this is one of the most popular dive courses around the world and it’s recommended for all beginners to take this course and receive your PADI scuba certification. Check out Arenal Diving Centre in San Antonio for the best way to learn to scuba dive.

Parasailing is another cool water sport to try, take off into the skies connected to a large parachute that is pulled along by a speed boat, rise up to around 400m. Another experience you will never forget and the views across the bay are fantastic.

Hire a speed boat and see the Island and Islands, a great day out, charting a boat is not as expensive as you think and when there is a group of you it can work out very reasonable and is another great day out on Ibiza. So next time you come to the party Island of Ibiza, make sire you get some water sport action in.

Some other options that you can find easily on Ibiza:

Jet Ski Rental
Water Skiing
Wind surfing
Kite Surfing
Catamaran Sailing
Banana Boat ride

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