Agua Mar Water Park

Agua Mar Water Park

There are 7 sets of water slides, from the 8 lane wide straight & slow to a four lane much steeper one and a single high & fast one.

There are four other slides which are the wiggly ones, lots of curves & corners - some very steep and one called "The Black Hole" which is a 2 seater ring thing. In the middle is a huge arc shaped pool and other smaller paddle type ones for the less adventurous and smaller ones.

We've been and can confirm that its huge fun, you can spend the whole day there, they have picnic areas, food etc. Go to Playa d'en Bossa, follow the road around until you come to Space night club and its behind there - you cant miss it. Recommended for a fun day out....

Open 15th May to 30th September - Can sometimes be open until October 15th! Dates do change!

Start time Opening time: 1000h (10.00 am) - 1800h (06:00pm)

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