Weather in Ibiza

Ibiza is in the Mediterranean which is the South part of Europe and has the climate of all the lands in the Mediterranean Basin, this kind of climate can also be found on the same line as Northwestern Mexico, California, South Australia, South Africa and in central parts of Chile and Central Argentina.

Ibiza is and Island, so no matter what the wind direction, you can always find a beach with a breeze during the summer months , either North , South , East or West.

The Ibiza weather conditions are warm to hot and dry summers to cool and wet winters, occasional thunderstorms over the summer months.

Summer months are July and August, the hottest months of the year.

Winter months in Ibiza are mid November to mid February

Spring is March,April,May and June

Autumn is October and November

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Weather Sat Ibiza

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More detail on Weather in Ibiza

Wind on the Island is generally very breezy around the coastal parts. About 1 knot to 6 knots is the most you will get during the summer months. Over the winter months you can expect strong breezes of up to 15 knots.
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Storms on the Island can bring stronger winds of up 30knots! Wind storms are more common during the winter time, during the summer, if we get a storm in the summer the winds are quite low.

Rain During the summer months the maximum amount of days you could expect rain would be about three days at a time. But rain is very rare during the summer months and when it does rain its welcomed by all the locals and tourists as a refreshing cool down. Winter months we get allot more rain and some days the rain can last for over 3 to 5 days with either light drizzles or steady downpours.

Snow - Not very common , extremely rare but we have had snow in Ibiza within the winter months.
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Sun Its shinning through blue skies 85% of the year and even when its winter, its got the potential to tan you.See hours of sun , See sun safety , Sunsets and sunrises are a great to see here in the island. See Sunsets

Moon - You always get clear skies at night here in Ibiza , some perfect conditions to see the stars and the moon - See Moon Phases

Sailing around the Island, planning a beach day or a hike then keep in touch with the typical Ibiza weather. Below is a forecast and satellite map to show latest weather conditions across Europe.

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Weather over the months on Ibiza

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The temperatures over the twelve months
Month Jan Feb. Mar Apr May Jung July Aug. Sep Oct Nov Dec
Avg high °C 15.8 16.1 18.2 20.4 23.3 27.6 29.8 30.4 27.7 24.3 19.3 16.6
Avg high °F 60.44 60.98 64.76 68.72 73.94 81.68 85.64 86.72 81.86 75.74 66.74 61.88


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