Ibiza Weather in December


December is just as wet as November, and a little chillier. Snow is, as always, a real rarity on Ibiza, though it has been known. Overall, though, it's a mild enough time of year. If you're visiting in December, bring a jumper and a coat, just in case. The worst of the rain tends to hit inland, as Ibiza is quite hilly, giving the clouds a better chance to build up.

There's not a lot of sunbathing or swimming going on in December obviously, though you'd be surprised at some of the die-hards who do exactly that at the first sight of sunshine! It's the time of year for sightseeing and long walks on empty beaches, visits to good restaurants and hiking or cycling over the hills. That said, there are many nightclubs and bars open throughout the winter season. You can find out more in our 'What to do in winter section'.

Average temperatures for December: max 15ºC, min 5ºC
Average sunlight hours: 6


3rd December - Formentera

6th December - Dia de la Consitutucion

8th December - Dia de la Inmaculada Concepcion

25th Christmas

26th December - Fiesta de la Sagrada Famiua Can Bonet

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