Ibiza Weather in September


A very cool time of the year to visit. Not weather-wise, mind you, as it's still lovely and hot in the day and the nights are still warm enough to ignore your pyjamas. But it's not as stifling as the previous two months, the beaches are a little less crowded, and both the weather and the attitude of the inhabitants are a lot more relaxed after the frenzy and heat of August. You've picked the perfect time to truly kick back and relax.

Things to do this month: Sep 24th, Day of the Tourist! How cool is that?

Average temperatures: max 28ºC, min 15ºC
Average sunlight hours: 11



8th September - Jesus

14th September - Santa Creu

21st September - Sant Mateu D'Albarca

24th September - Day of the Tourist

29th September - San Miguel

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