Ibiza Weddings & Blessings

If you're newly engaged and your mind is set to tie the knot on the Island of Ibiza then you are wedding planning starts here. The Island of Ibiza has become to number talked about destination in Europe to get married and is probably the hottest destination at the moment for blessings and renewing your vows. The Island has geared up to this trend and is making young couples dreams come true. Weather it be with a sunset on a beach th exchange your marriage vows or in a traditional white Spaniish church or even in some of the specially designed venues around the Island.
Wedding planning in Ibiza might seem extremely exciting or incredibly daunting at first. In order to make your wedding a special event and very memorable, all of the wedding planning details starting from the invitations,wedding ceremony and reception need to be planned perfectly.Here we have lots of tools to help you plan your wedding in Ibiza and make your dreams come true. Your first objective is where! There are some amazing places on Ibiza for a wedding ceremony and reception.So the venue comes first.


Wedding Venue


Hair & Make-up


Wedding Venue & Restaurant in San Juan

Bambuddha Grove

Wedding Venue and Restaurant


Hair & Make-Up Santa Eulalia

Blessings on Ibiza

Wedding Celebrant

Can Truy

Wedding Venue in Santa Eulalia

Casa Colonial

Wedding Venue & Restaurant in Santa Eulalia

Crazy Mandy

Private Parties Organizer

El Ramo De Flores

Florists in Santa Eulalia

Experimental Beach

Beach Wedding Venue

Flying Pig

Catering Grill Service - Ibiza

Ibiza Cakes

Wedding Cake Maker in Santa Eulalia

Jacaranda Lounge

Wedding Venue in Es Cana

Jude La Joia

Wedding Singer & Musician


Wedding Venue & Restaurant in San Antonio

La Casita

Valverde, Cala Llonga

Port Balansat

Wedding Venue in San Miguel

Private Bus Cosmacar

Private Bus Transfers

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