Where is Ibiza?


So, just where is Ibiza?
Well, it's a small island located in the west Mediterranean.

It is one of the Balearic Islands, and sometimes called the 'White Island' or 'The Magic Isle'.
To be precise, Ibiza Town which is the capital of this wonderful island is located at 380'54' 0010E26'. So, if you're wandering with only your compass and sextant to guide you, the White Island beckons.

The Balearics consist of four inhabited islands, off the east coast of Spain from Valencia. All four are now well established tourist havens. Majorca is the largest, then Minorca, Ibiza, with Formentera the smallest, very close and south of Ibiza.Traditionally, access to Ibiza was by boat, and the natural harbour, overlooked by the 'Dalt Vila' on the hilltop, it provided shelter from both weather and enemies.

The harbour remains, but now has only the weather to resist. Sailing ships with cut-throat pirates of the high seas flying the Jolly Roger have given way to huge motor yachts with polite and orderly crews, flying flags from almost every nation. The marina in Ibiza holds boats which 99% of people only ever dream about. That said, dreaming is delightful - without dreams life would be dreadfully dull!

So, - walk the harbour and marina - not to forget those at Santa Eulalia and San Antonio, and dream.. remember - dreams do sometimes come true!The coast of Ibiza is spectacular - the ferry provides a convenient water taxi service to various stops along the way between Ibiza and Es Canar or between San Antonio and Cala Bassa Take it one day. or two. or. and see the rugged cliffs, clear green sea and sandy beaches - houses perched along the cliff tops..

More dreams! Don't forget that access to Formentera still demands a boat. Formentera is breathtaking - its azure sea and white sand is the stuff of fantasy! Fortunately it has a ferry service too from most ferry stations. Of course, hiring or chartering a boat is a wonderful holiday treat - be it for one day or for a week or two. Maybe some diving around the coast? If so make sure you use a PADI qualified and registered instructor.

Ibiza location

Of course, since the hippies arrived here in the sixties, both the airport and the ferry services have expanded, with direct flights to all parts of Europe. But what a pleasant way to spend a day. taking the car ferry to Barcelona or Valencia or Denia, sometimes direct, sometimes via the port at Palma Majorca In the winter when all is quiet, the flights reduce considerably, so changing plane at Barcelona or Palma Majorca becomes the norm. The ferries likewise reduce in frequency during the winter

The word cosmopolitan was written with Ibiza in mind. Listen, for just a moment. That waiter - just watch him - speaking four, five or six languages. He offers you the menu opened to your particular language without a second thought.. And he's looking after ten busy tables just like yours all day long!
Hard work? Yes.. but it allows him to live on the Magic Isle. O lucky man!

Ibiza. Magic Isle . a place on earth where hippies rub shoulders with film stars, who rub shoulders with tourists, who rub shoulders with pop stars, who rub shoulders with you and I, who rub shoulders with super models, who..

Now what was that map reference again.? Ibiza Google Map - Ibiza Map