Ibiza Weather Winter



It is just about possible to compare the Ibizan winter to the mildest of English springs. For those of you who venture here in the winter, and why not, there's stacks to do, you will need to bring a sweater with you, because the nights can be chilly.

Although it doesn't rain here all that often, it does still happen. And when it happens, boy, are you in for a downpour. The occasional thunderstorms are impressive beasts to behold, and when the rain comes down it seems to try to do it all at once. The best advice in these situations is very simple. Get under cover. Umbrellas and raincoats aside, you don't want to be caught outside in an Ibizan downpour.

According to the local inhabitants, it'll never rain for more than three days at a time and, in my experience, this holds true. Even thunderstorms can be come and gone in under an hour.

For most of the time though, the Ibizan winter is in fact very pleasant. You can stroll on deserted beaches with the sun warming your back from November through to April, and there are a surprising number of decent restaurants and cafés that open their doors year-round, so you won't have much of a struggle finding somewhere to take a break.

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