Winter on Ibiza, Peaceful times with mild weather

Holidays in winter

That time of year when the Island relaxes from the mass of tourists that appeared over the Summer months.

Alothough most of the tourists come in during the summer months , there is still tourism in Ibiza over the winter months as many hotels, hostels and country hotels stay open all year. The weather in winter is not too bad compared too North European countries see winter weather. With a number of activities around the Island to do the Island still attracts winter tourists. Shopping, Markets like at the Hippodrome in San Jordi has a car boot sale every Saturday, Museums and many other interesting things can fullfil your day.

Beaches are around the Island become deserted and with some warm days its still possible to get a tan. beach combing is a fun activity during the winter months as is walking and sightseeing. Many wonderful walks await you with some great sights to be seen. Some of the best sunsets are during the winter with fantastic cloud scapes. Fish restaurants on the beach can all still be found open mostly over the weekends.

Nightlife can still be found during the Ibiza winter months but mostly on the weekends places like Pacha and Guarana in Santa Eulalia open during the weekends with live music. Some local English bars dotted all around the Island do stay open for business during the winter months.

For transport you can still rent a car or get a taxi. Ferries to Formentera still operate but on a smaller schedule also ferries from the mainland still operate. Finding flights is known to be difficult over the winter months and sometimes a flight to Palma is the only way to get here. See Flights.. Come and enjoy Ibiza during the winter months.

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